Smart Watches to Buy in Nigeria

Smartwatches can do even more, from tracking your workouts and measuring your heart rate to serving up notifications and accessing voice assistance. That’s why we have brought you the best smart watches you can buy in Nigeria.

While you’re wearing a connected watch, you can also leave your smartphone in your pocket and use your wrist for simple tasks.

Smart Watches to Buy in Nigeria

Smart watches to buy in Nigeria

Below are some of the best smartwatches that can be purchased in Nigeria:

Full Touch Smart Watch Waterproof Sports Fitness for Apple iOS, Android

This is a new-generation product that can only be seen in the newly upgraded shop.  Its ergonomic, customized design makes you feel comfortable when using it.

It has a large-capacity battery with a long battery life; there is no need to worry about running out of power after charging. It is also designed for sports and witnessing; wear will not affect its use or safety.

Full Touch Screen Smart Watch

There are a lot of amazing things you can do with this smartwatch. You can monitor your health, be sedentary, and call for reminders or push messages. You can also contact, dial, do not disturb mode, find bracelet, remote control camera, music control, stopwatch, alarm clock, device reset, and bracelet support language.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Incoming Call Smart Watch

The smartwatch is for both males and females. For you to control the watch, you need to touch the screen. It will accurately monitor and record your blood pressure, and even when you are sleeping, it can monitor the time and quality of your sleep.

Note: 96% data accuracy on blood pressure and heart rate

GT4 Pro Smart Watch 1.6

It’s high-definition Bluetooth call, off-screen pointer, cover hand off-screen, custom picture, App background download picture, QR code, find mobile phone, calendar, motion tracking, and many more.

Full Touch Screen Smart Watch

When you want to use it for the first time, you need to connect to the App for calibration. After the connection has been successful, the wristband will automatically synchronize the time, turn on the phone, and download the mobile app.

It is designed for sports and sightseeing; the watch won’t get in the way of sweating and provides a secure fit. This watch is made of high-quality materials and is sturdy and durable.

1.99-inch Smart Watch Full Touch Screen IP67 Waterproof Watch

This smartwatch includes more useful functions: fitness tracker, stopwatch, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, 24 sports modes, sleep monitoring monitor, blood oxygen, blood pressure monitor, incoming call notification, SMS and app messages, music, camera control, brightness adjustment, and weather display.

Smartwatch Ultra Series 8 HD Screen NFC

It is a wearable device that monitors human activities through electronic sensors. The health test results of the watch are for reference only and cannot be compared with medical equipment.

The Bluetooth call function requires dual Bluetooth signal support, so you need to connect twice according to the instructions. It is made of silica, has wireless charging, a full touch screen, and supports Bluetooth calls.

Smart Watch Full Touch Screen Watch

The design of this watch allows you to have a comfortable hand feeling when using it, and the large-capacity battery lasts for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power after charging.

It is specially designed for sports and witnessing; sweating will not affect its use, and it is safe to wear.

1.99-inch IP67 Waterproof full-touch Touch watch

It is a 1.99-inch high-definition touch screen with a large-curvature 3D glass mirror and a special glass heart rate lens integrated with grinding. The touch screen is smooth and silky.

The screen display is centered, and the visual coordination is more beautiful. Based on a high-performance optical heart rate sensor, heart health can be determined by raising your weight, and identifying sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and other information.

I Watch Series 8 Bluetooth-Calling Smart Watch

The 1.8-inch high-definition surface screen of this mart is covered with 3D glass. The borderless design’s natural transition alloy is used to improve visual aesthetics and create a wider content display area.

It has the following features: Bluetooth call and instant messaging reminders, comprehensive health tracking, 10 sports modes, waterproofing, extensive compatibility, and a 7-day ultra-long battery life.

Series 8 Phone Smart Watch for Calls and Messages

It is used for checking blood pressure and heartbeat rate and measuring your daily steps as you move about. It is also a sports watch that can be used to monitor your sporting activities, and it uses Bluetooth and the smartwatch app for connections.

And also can be used for answering calls and playing music, and it comes with a wristwatch handle that is easy and comfortable to wear.

Smart Watch Bluetooth Call AMOLED Large Screen

The visual experience is larger and clearer, with a high-sensitivity touch screen, tempered glass such as a mirror, a titanium alloy integrated body, strong wear, beauty, and generosity.

This watch has several different styles of screens built in, so you can switch them at will. The in-app screen market is constantly updated online to give you more options.

GT4 Pro Smart Watch 1.6

This is a high-definition Bluetooth call, off-screen pointer, cover hand-off screen, and custom picture app background download picture. Via this watch, you can monitor your sleep, blood sugar, altitude, body temperature, weather, blood pressure, voice assistant, and many more.

Watch 8 Smart Watch 1.92-inch Screen NFC Max

Through this watch, you can get information via social media. Here are some of the features of this watch: independent time, independent alarm clock, and lock-dial heart rate. And also step counting, walking, a gravity sensor, a pedometer sensor, a heart rate sensor, and a Spo2 sensor.

Series 7 Smart Watch

This smartwatch has borderless aesthetics with curved glass, a 1.9-inch HD screen, and an A1 voice assistant. And it is compatible with mobile phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most-used smartwatch?

With 58 percent, Apple is the most popular brand for personal smartwatches and eHealth or fitness trackers among U.S. consumers

What smartwatch is easiest to use?

Apple Watch Series 9, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and well-rounded performance. For a lower-priced alternative, consider the Apple Watch SE, which features many of the same components.

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