Spotify Premium Users Offered Free Google Smart Speaker


If you are a Spotify user, you should note about the Spotify Premium Users Offered Free Google Smart Speaker trend. So, if you are a Spotify Premium user who resides in the UK, you are just about to get hold of something free – a Google Nest Mini worth 49 Pounds Sterling. New and existing Spotify users simply have to sign up for this premium version. From here, you are entitled to this fun smart home speaker as their package. All you have to do is visit the main Spotify website to get more details.

Spotify Premium Users Offered Free Google Smart Speaker

Spotify Premium Users Offered Free Google Smart Speaker

The large music streaming service, Spotify, is offering premium users a smart speaker. Since you are making use of their music service, they are working to provide you with a complete entertaining service. It is the newest partnership going on between Google and Spotify. This actually appears to be working through several different software integrations and hardware.

About Spotify

Spotify is almost integrated into the Google Assistant feature, allowing its users to ask their smartphones and even the smart speaker to play specific songs. Google has been working to promote its smart speakers. With this, the device got an upgrade to the second generation that enhanced these speakers to become better for music lovers out there.

Well, if you have come across the “Spotify Premium Users Offered Free Google Smart Speaker” trend, this is what it entails. Well, if you are set to get hold of your own mini speaker, why don’t rush to the Spotify home page right away? According to INDEPENDENT, the music streaming service, Spotify, says the deal is available. However, they did not mention how many of the speakers were available and how long the deal would run. So, you should get there while it still lasts. As you register for the Spotify Premium (paid subscription) or are an existing user, you can claim this offer and redeem the device.

What is Google Smart Speaker – Google Home Mini

Reported by THE Sun, this smart speaker is a digital device. It is powered by the Google Assistant feature. This Assistant is a virtual feature that you get to control using your voice. This feature can help you engage in different online activities like finding out things online and even the weather.

What else does it do? It sets up your timers and reminders, allows you to check your Google Calendar, plays your favorite music, and even make calls! To activate the Assistant, you just have to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” out loud and give it a command.

Why Is Google Offering Smart Speakers to Spotify Premium Users?

Well, there is really no special event happening or around the corner. Spotify and Google are only coming together to help the Premium users. And also to give users an amazing experience with good music and more.


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