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Do you want to win a coupon with Tellcampero.Com Survey? There are certain pieces of information you need to know about the Tellcampero Com Survey before you take part in the Tellcampero Com Survey. survey is an online portal that allows you to voice out your experience at Pollo Campero and still earn a reward.

If you always visit the Pollo Campero restaurant or you’ve gone to any of their outlets recently. Then, this is the chance to share a dining experience with the restaurant for an amazing reward. Tellcampero is the official survey designed for customers of Pollo Campero to get their feedback and opinions about the restaurant. Survey

This survey was designed by Pollo Campero as a platform for their valued guests to submit their straight to the management team of the restaurant to further improve the quality of food and services of the restaurant.

About Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero is one of the largest and fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chains in Latin America and one of the major chains fully dedicated to chicken. Currently, they have nearly 400 locations globally.

Through their hard work and dedication, Pollo Campero grew exponentially over the years and spread to many Latin American countries. Survey Details

Name of the Survey Tellcampero.
URL of the Survey Survey.
Receipt Validity 72 hours
Survey reward prize The survey prize varies.
Entry Limit 1 person per receipt.

Why Should you Participate in the Tellcampero Com Survey?

These are some of the reasons why you should participate in the Survey:

  • You can get a free meal.
  • It is absolutely free to join.
  • The survey does not disqualify.
  • No limit no entry.
  • The survey is directed by a reliable restaurant.
  • The registration process is simple.

After knowing the above reasons why you should participate in the Survey, don’t you think you should give it a try?

Tellcampero.Com Survey Reward?

The reward participants get in the Survey Varies Depending on the offer printed on your receipt it might be a free meal, a Bogo offer, or an amazing discount. The good thing is, that taking the surveys offering a free meal, will not stop you from also participating in the ones where you can get a gift card or cash.

Tellcampero.Com Survey Rules 

Before you can complete the Campero Survey Successfully, there are some major rules and requirements which you have to be followed. Now, kindly follow it as mentioned below:

  • Participants must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • Pollo Campero’s Customers can take up to 2 surveys in a month per receipt.
  • Applicants should redeem the coupon codes within 30 days of taking the survey.
  • Participants must be 18 or above.
  • The contestant has not ever worked for the Pollo Campero outlet.
  • The recent employees, partner companies, and their immediate family members are not granted to take the survey.
  • An applicant’s purchase receipt is valid for 3 days after taking the survey.
  • A participant coupon can be suspended by the Pollo Campero.

The above rules must be followed so, you can finish the Campero survey successfully. Survey Requirement 

To increase your chance of winning the Tellcampero survey, then you should have the necessary survey requirement. Below are some of the Survey requirements:

  • A legal receipt of any Pollo Campero restaurant.
  • Applicant must have the following: computer, mobile device, or laptop.
  • Must be good in English and Spanish.
  • Participants need to have a valid email address.
  • Must have a good internet connection.

Those are some of the requirements we need to know about.

How to Participate in the Pollo Campero Survey at

To increase your odds of getting the sweepstake rewards, follow these step-by-step guides to join and complete the survey. Want to Take Survey at if yes, then here are the steps below:

  • To start the Pollo Campero Survey,
  • visit their website
  • Select your preferred languages (English or Spanish)
  • Enter your time.
  • Input your 10-digit coupon code.
  • Click on the “Start” button.

Upon completion of this survey, you will be given a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer printed on your survey invitation. Keep your invitation close by so you can write your validation code on the receipt.

Useful Reference Links of Pollo Campero

For Pollo Campero Official Website Link: click here

Pollo Campero Official Survey Website Link: click here

To contact customer service: click here

Pollo Campero Social Media Links

Check here for Pollo Campero Facebook link

For Pollo Campero Twitter link: Check here

Check here for Pollo Campero Instagram link


With the explanation above, you must now probably know the rules and guidelines for taking part in Pollo Campero Survey online. Hopefully, you can now go and provide your Pollo Campero Feedback. And in return, you will get a Pollo Campero Coupons as a reward to reclaim Pollo Campero’s free food.


How do I get a Pollo Campero Free meal coupon?

To qualify for a Pollo Campero free meal coupon, you will need to complete the online customer satisfaction survey. Follow through this article to learn more.

Where can I join the Tellcampero Survey?

Click here to join the Tellcampero survey online.

How do I get a Pollo Campero Gift Card?

To qualify for a Pollo Campero free gift card, you will need to complete the online customer satisfaction survey. Follow through this article to learn more.

What is the Tell Campero Survey Reward?

When you complete the Tellcampero survey, you are eligible to win a validation code that you can use to redeem the offer printed on your purchase receipt.

Can I participate in the Tellcampero without an invitation code?

No, to participate in the survey, you will need an invitation code from Pollo Campero

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