The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Is The Definition of Maximum Electric Luxury


Do you know that The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Is the Definition of Maximum Electric Luxury? Well, you won’t know if you haven’t heard of this car or rather seen it in action. Driving the new Mercedes-Benz EQS — basically, the electric form of the automaker’s regarded S-Class — nearly gave me whiplash.

Not due to some driving accident (the EQS handles brilliantly) but since of how drastically extraordinary Mercedes’ new extravagance EV is from the new harvest of battery-controlled vehicles.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Is The Definition of Maximum Electric Luxury

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Is The Definition of Maximum Electric Luxury

Mercedes has no interest in a moderate electric vehicle plan. The unmistakable, button-less insides of the Tesla Model 3 are fine for the individuals who need to be helped to remember a “totally cleared, dark washed Bauhaus lounge,” as a German author once properly depicted Elon Musk’s mass-market EV.

With the EQS, Mercedes is saying auf wiedersehen to the possibility of meagerly selected EV insides. It has the biggest screen, the most noteworthy reach (up until this point), the most highlights. Also, a genuinely stunning number of physical touchpoints, the gentlest headrests… I could go on. This is an all-electric S-Class in the most genuine sense.


I got an opportunity to try out the EQS for a couple of hours about seven days before its authority dispatch. And keeping in mind that it was magnificent to drive. And I genuinely liked getting to cosplay as a rich extravagance vehicle fellow. I needed to consider what the fact was of so much additional stuff. For what reason do I require a gazillion distinctive shaded choices for surrounding lighting?

For what reason does the front traveler need their own committed screen inserted in the dashboard? For what reason was there a unique mark scanner and a facial acknowledgment scanner? What amount is an excess of back rub for a driver’s seat?

The conspicuous answer is that S-Class clients anticipate the best. However, more isn’t really better. The entirety of this stuff isn’t characteristically terrible. Yet there was a waiting sense that a ton of it was pointless. To reward the great specialist Ian Malcolm. Mercedes’ architects were so engrossed with whether they could add a shining water impact to the waterways in the EQS’s 3D guide that they didn’t stop to think in the event that they ought to.


  • The EQS will run 0 to 60 mph in barely 4 seconds and will be maximum velocity restricted to 130 mph.
  • It will come in two battery sizes: 90kWh and 107.8kWh. Via correlation, the most remarkable Tesla, the long-range Model S, has a 100kWh battery.
  • The 107.8kWh battery has an expected scope of up to 770 km (478.5 miles) in view of the liberal WLTP standard. (The EPA appraised reach will be lower.)
  • The 400-volt design is fluid-cooled through exceptional pits cast into the aluminum battery lodging that consequently preheats or cools depending on the situation to speed charging. This could be exceptionally helpful in making preparations before it charges, particularly in winter temperatures.
  • At the point when connected to a 200kWh quick charger, the EQS’s battery will add around 300 kilometers (186 miles) shortly. That is quicker than the vast majority of Mercedes’ rivals.
  • It will be qualified for the Plug and Charge framework, a mechanical idea at first presented by ISO 15118, the global norm for charging EVs. That implies the EQS will be viable with around 90% of the general population charging stations in the US without the need to download an application or pursue an individual charging administration.
  • In electric vehicles, better optimal design equivalent improved reach — so the bodywork is a super low drag. Mercedes claims the 0.20 drag coefficient as the best on the planet.
  • It will come in the back tire and all-wheel-drive arrangements.
  • The single-engine arrangement will get 329 torque with back tire drive, while the double engine/all-wheel drive trim level will get 516 pull.

Presently we should discuss the goliath column to-column 55-inch touchscreen, which Mercedes calls the Hyperscreen. First prodded recently, the Hyperscreen is the locus of the automaker’s second-age MBUX infotainment framework that shuns actual catches for a totally advanced (and voice-controlled) client experience.

Also, on the off chance that you thought it glanced huge in pictures, I can guarantee you it’s significantly greater, in actuality. This thing totally eats up the inside of the EQS.

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