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Have you started making use of the Facebook dating feature yet? If you haven’t then you really are missing out on a whole lot. Some persons not being able to make use of this feature as of yet may not be their fault as the feature is still on the rollout.

The Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook dating feature is Facebook’s official dating tool and platform. Facebook dating unlike other dating platforms is a separate space embedded within the Facebook platform where users can find love and other romantic relationships.

There is no stand-alone app for this feature. Interested persons will have to access this separate platform via their Facebook accounts. And do you know what this means? Well if you don’t here it is. This means that if you would love to make use of this dating tool by Facebook and you don’t have a registered account on the platform you will have to set up one.

Setting up a Facebook is free and easy. Anyone with the right tools can set up an account on Facebook with just a few clicks and taps. To begin your account creation journey on Facebook, go to Follow the prompts and your account will be set up in no time.

How the Facebook Dating Feature Work

Now, this is one of the most important parts of this feature. How does Facebook dating works? Facebook dating works fine and just like most dating platforms you know about but just with a little twist. To make use of this feature you will have to set up a dating profile that will be different from your main Facebook profile.

After setting up your profile, Facebook will suggest other potential users that have opted to make use of the feature to you. Facebook will not suggest users to you that you know, but rather they will instead suggest people you don’t know, those that are not in your circle on Facebook.

You do not need to swipe right and left to show your interest in a person. All you need to do to show an interest in a person is to like their accounts or profile directly or better still comment on their profiles. That’s it.

Facebook Dating Availability

The Facebook dating app is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. If the feature is not available to you will not see the option on your Facebook mobile app. But if you are eligible to make use of the feature you will see the dating option on your mobile app.

Facebook Dating Access

Now that you have learned the basics about the Facebook dating tool, it’s time you learn how to access it. To access the Facebook dating app, follow the steps below;

  • Open the updated version of the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • Tap the hamburger icon and tap the dating option/icon.

That’s it! Follow the prompts to set up your profile for free.


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