Top 10 Most Profitable Sports Leagues in the World

It is amazing for you to know that there are various reasons why people love sports. Why? Because it is healthy, fun, and exciting, it sticks the world together and makes its fans feel alive. If you are eager to know the top 10 most profitable sports leagues in the world, then continue reading this blog.

Currently, sports have become one of the most profitable parts of the entertainment industry. When it comes to sports, one can earn billions of dollars from different sources.

Top 10 Most Profitable Sports Leagues in the World

Top 10 Most Profitable Sports Leagues in the World

It will interest you to know that sports leagues and sports profit from sponsorship, ticket revenues, transfers, stadium rentals, broadcasting deals, and many more.

It is also amazing to know that professional sports generate huge amounts of revenue all over the globe, but the famous leagues are not created to be equal.

Check out the top 10 most profitable sports leagues in the world:

10. UEFA Champions League

UEFA stands for the Union of European Football Associations. The Champions League is one of the many competitions that unite European soccer teams head-to-head all over the country.

The Champions League competition involves 32 soccer teams competing, and it generates an estimated $2 billion a year.

They are contested by the top-division European clubs, and the competition winners are decided through group and knockout stages.

 9. Serie A

This is an Italian football league that is very popular throughout Europe. It gained popularity due to the large number of world-renowned players who play for teams in the country. This league generates $2.3 billion in revenue annually.

The largest percentage of Serie A’s income comes mainly from broadcasting rights. Commercial and sponsorship income comes in second.

8. Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is Germany’s national soccer league, and it is one of the largest in the continent. Way back in 2019, the German league reported $4.33 billion in revenue.

It was founded in 1963, and Bundesliga attendance peaked at over 13,298,147 last year; last year, its attendance grew to 43,458.

7. La Liga

La Liga Santander is their national sports league, and way back in 2018, it reported about $4.5 billion in revenue. The league gained popularity because of the two biggest soccer teams in the world. And that’s Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Commercial revenues and revenue from transfers are the two big factors that influence La Liga’s profits, among many others.

6. National Hockey League

This league is similar to other major sports, and it might be one of the lesser sports in Northern America, but its fanbase is massive. Aside from that, it is still the biggest hockey league in the world, generating an income of €4.2 billion as of the 2017–2018 season.

5. English Premier League

This league consistently reports earnings of over $4 billion, with recent reports estimating earnings of $5.3 billion for the league in 2017. Premier League leads in the event of generating huge amounts of money in advertisement revenue.

It is the home of some of the most expensive leagues in the world, such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

The Premier League makes around $5.3 billion a year in revenues, and it largely comes from TV broadcasting rights.

4. Indian Premier League

This is among the least popular sports on this list of the most profitable leagues. But it is shocking to know that it is the fastest-growing sports league worldwide.

The Indian Premier League gets an estimated $7 billion a year, even if it involves just eight teams, and they play for two months a year.

One of the biggest parts of IPL’s annual revenue comes from the broadcasting deal with Start India, worth $2.55 billion.

3. National Basketball Association

The NBA earns about $8 billion in revenue a year.  The NBA, just like the other leagues on the list, has valuable deals signed with national TV broadcasters.

And they will last until 2024/25 and bring in more than $2.6 billion a year. The NBA cannot complain about their attendance. And their ticket price is high and affordable.

2. Major League Baseball

They don’t have a wide fan base, with the majority of their fans coming from North America. The MLB takes the second spot, and it looks like it will be holding that position for many years to come.

The MLB generates around $10 billion in yearly revenue. Six of the world’s 50 most valuable sports terms belong to this league. And their profits come from deals with regional sports networks.

1. National Football League

The NFL takes the first position on this list. It is far ahead of European football, which is the most popular sport globally.

The National Football League (NFL) earned approximately $18 billion in 2017 and 2018. Its revenue is expected to increase by $5 billion in the upcoming year. The NFL has secured long-term contracts with various television networks such as ESPN, Fox, NBC, and others, which contribute to the majority of its annual revenue.

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