Top 20 PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

Even if you could play games with your phone, do you know you could also get paid for it? Well, it will also interest you to know that some gaming apps pay real money through PayPal when you play and win their games.

These games provide not only happiness but also the potential to win cash prizes. These PayPal games are an excellent opportunity to earn money online from the comfort of your own home, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player. In this article, we’ll present you with some legitimate PayPal games where you can win real money.

Top 20 PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

Though you won’t be rich by playing games, and you shouldn’t quit your job, this might serve as a way to get extra cash.

20 PayPal Games to Play and Make Money and also Have Fun

Find out the top 20 PayPal games that pay real money in this section. There’s a game for everyone on this list, here are 20 of them:

Solitaire Cube

The solitaire cube is Klondike, – a classic – solitaire that you can play against another player, back-to-back, even in tournaments with lots of players. Players who finish with the most points will be awarded cash prizes.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollar is a rewarding app that earns legit cash for watching TV, completing surveys online, playing PayPal and some other games, shopping, and visiting different websites. The platform is capable of allowing you to earn up to $10, but all you need to do is play for certain hours a day.


Mist Play combines different games into one app so you don’t have to load a bunch at a time to win. You can also redeem your earnings for gift cards via PayPal or a prepaid Visa card. Mist Play is only available for Android users.

Play the games on your mix list and you will earn enough points to cash out for gift cards from PayPal. In addition, you can win the monthly grand prize of big rewards.

Brain Battle

You get paid for playing math video games on Brain Battle. Each of every game you play you can collect tickets, and get an entry into a prize drawing for cash. The more games you play, the more tickets you earn and the better chance you have of winning a cash prize.


They pay out cash for playing games but it can only be accessed by Android users. Your reward can be gotten in the form of coins for playing the games, and there can be an exchange for gift cards or cash payouts.

Match to Win

Experience the excitement of match-3 puzzle games while playing for a chance to win scratch-off prizes such as cash and vacations.

Blackout Bingo

The blackout bingo game lasts for about two minutes, and the object is to get as many bongos within that time as you can. There are free games and cash games, but the cash games are not available in all states.

Pool Payday

They offer free matches and cash matches, and you can play by yourself or with colleagues. Player chat and live events are available on the platform.

Long Game rewards

This is an app that saves and also partners with the bank to earn additional money on your savings. you need to open an account with a partner bank and deposit money into a savings account.

Also, you need to set up automatic savings, so money gets transferred to your savings account every week or month or at the frequency you choose.

Wealth Words

Wealth words have crosswords, stories, slots, and more. You can buy tokens and use the tokens to pay for games. If you win, they will send funds into your wallet. You can cash out your wallet via PayPal.


Ebates gives you cashback when you buy various items online. The most interesting part is that you get up to 40% cashback from more than 2,000 stores. Well, a coupon is also available and you get a certain percent reward after you have signed up on these apps that give you money.


CashOut is on the top charts as players love playing the amazing game. One of the best PayPal games that pay real money, they also help various individuals play mobile games and earn money.

On the cashout platform, you can earn cash for daily check-ins, referrals completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, and many more.


With Shopmuim you can spin and win PayPal Cash online. You can get instant cashback for uploading the receipt for your purchase.

They are different because of their ability to make a great choice, and a huge range of products on which you can avail discounts, ranging from groceries to cosmetics.


This is a review submission site that pays you for sharing your views about various products and services. It is one of the highest-paying PayPal cash apps, and you get to earn points for reviews that can be redeemed for money or Amazon, gift cards, and many others.


Their aim is organic and non-GMO type food. You can win PayPal cash for free and also redeem them for gift cards, just like many others.


Well, with Rakuten, you have access to earning great rewards for every game you win. Moreover, you also get a $10 reward for signing up for this app. They offer up to 40% cashback from 2000+ stores globally.


On Dabbl, you get different types of games to play. This is one of the apps that primarily focuses on enabling you to make money by just playing games.

The minimum cash-out requirement is small, and although they don’t provide any sign-up bonus, you get a certain bonus on every download you make via the referral link.

Lucky Level

Lucky Level users get amazing cashback on every eligible purchase they make, and they also get scratch cards and a spinning wheel, offering them a variety of gifts and rewards.

When you just open the app, you will get a scratch card that creates a probability to let you win up to $1000 daily.

Rewarded Play

It is available only for Android users. Reward Play incorporates several games into a single app, the rewards app. Once you have attained certain levels or made in-app purchases, rewarded play will award you cash.

Willy Wonka Slots

They allow you to play lots of free games. The app lets you create your garden with Wonka characters. Spinning the casino machine can fetch you mind-blowing rewards in the form of seeds for your garden. These seeds are worth points that can later be redeemed for cash.


Playing games on PayPal that offer real cash rewards is an excellent way to have fun and earn some extra income online. With a range of games to choose from and the convenience of playing from home, it’s no surprise that many people are opting for PayPal games to boost their finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any PayPal games that pay real money?

Yes, different games pay real money via PayPal. Therefore, they typically offer small prizes, and any bigger ones are difficult to earn.

What games pay real money instantly?

Most games want you to meet the minimum threshold before you can cash out, but some have no minimum, so you can claim your cash as soon as you’ve earned it.

What is the best PayPal earnings app?

This depends on the kind of game you like, but Golden Tee Golf, World Winner, and Brain Battle are among the highest-rated.

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