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Torrent Downloads offers a more convenient and free contents, including musical content, movies and so on. The Torrent downloads platform are reliable source for downloading content such as, videos, music, software, videos, books, games etc. at no cost. With a working torrent website and your fast internet network you’re good to go.

Torrent Downloads - Torrent Downloads Sites | Torrent Download Sites Free

However, there are lots of website you can download torrents from. When using torrent, its advisable to make use of a VPN. How do I mean? Using a VPN is the only way to make sure you’re safe from the prying eyes of your ISP. Thus, it protects you from any potential legal action, if your IP address is masked by a VPN.

Nevertheless, there are lots of torrents platforms you can get contents from, which this write-up will be unveiling. So to discover best website to download music, videos, eBook and more, ensure you read to the end.

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Torrent Downloads

For you to know the T websites that is very good when it comes to downloading torrent contents there are factors you should consider. The factors are as follows

  • The download speed.
  • Number of torrents available for popular content
  • Founding year
  • Number of seeders
  • Check if the website is banned in your country.
  • The number of torrents the website provides.
  • Support for instant downloads.

These are factors you need to consider to select the best from them all.

Torrent Downloads 2020

The list below are list of top sites that are still working on 2020, starting from the best to the least.

  • The Pirate Bay.
  • RARBG.
  • 1337x.
  • Torlock.
  • Torrentz2.
  • YTS.
  • EZTV.
  • Zooqle.
  • TorrentDownloads.
  • Lime Torrents.

To learn more about these websites, read the section below:

Websites For Downloading

Here are the Top ten torrent sites for fast and reliable downloads.

The Private Bay

the private Bay is the oldest and the most established among other T sites on the internet. The site helps to indicate if contents are from trusted users. It also ranked the best torrent site from 2018 till today .

The platform provides millions of torrents available in different categories, alongside with support for magnet links. However, it also a simple interface and easy to navigate.

It has a fast download speeds depending on your internet connection speed.

The average download speed of this site is 6.2MB/s

Visit their page at

If their page is not loading, you can try any of these address,,,


RARBG offers a high quality and verified contents. It was founded in 2008. It has over 800,000 contents. Since its existence it has built a reputation for its high quality torrents and ease of use including constant new additions.

Moreover, the website is blocked in some countries including Indonesia, Portugal, Denmark, UK and Bulgaria. But a VPN for using torrent can help you to bypass these blocks. Its average download speed is 6.1MB/s.

Try these mirrors,,


1337x website is the third most popular T site and one of the oldest still in operation. It’s best in the best for search options. It provides an excellent choice of  content and it’s heavily moderated. Which means that the majority of its contents are of excellent quality.

The average download speed for this site is 4.2 MB/s


Torlock is a strong community verification system for safe downloads. Founded in 2010, blocked in UK, India and Australia. Thus, It’s best for anime and e-books. It offers a wide array of active anime, music and eBook.

The website has a clean intuitive interface that makes it easy to access. Also it has over hundreds torrents list to help you find the best content. The platform combines a list of torrents with a fantastic user experience, most especially if you’re looking for high quality anime episodes or reading material.

However, it has a 4.4MB/s average download speed.


The Torrentz2 website is the best for downloading music torrent.  Founded in 2016. You will get to download outstanding and variety of music torrents. The platform is very easy to use and also maintains a low profile.

However, it has kept the original site’s minimalist interface and heavy focus on music. And remained a great choice for audiophiles. Its average downloading speed is 2.0MBs.


The YTS sit was founded in 2011. It’s best for downloading classic movies. This platform is the perfect choice for hard to find movies and great for users with limited bandwidth. Moreover, It comes with a nice layout and huge variety of titles which makes it an ideal website for movie enthusiastic. The average download for YTS site is 3.2MB/s.


EZTV offers wide selection of popular tv shows. It was founded in 2015. Currently blocked in UK, Ireland Australian and many more. The website is best for downloading tv shows. It provides amazing variety of TV shows. On the site, lots of fresh episodes are added on a daily basis. it’s also very easy to use. However, users can find content from the latest hit series and late night shows to reality TV and NASCAR races. EZTV has an average download speed of 3.2MBs.


Zooqle is one of the newest website, founded in 2013. The site is best for downloading games. It offers more than 3 million verified content. Zooqle site also comes with a very strong interface. And it’s easy to use. The average download speed is 2.6MB/s.


TorrentDownloads offers most contents you can find elsewhere. It was founded in 2007. It’s the best for obscure content. Provides an extensive and well organized torrent library. Very easy to navigate. On this platform you can find an old or rarely used software. Though it is currently blocked in some countries like UK.

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents website was founded in 2009. It is one of the biggest Torrent Downloads sites on the internet. It deals more on recent files. The platform is very neat and user friendly. And most of their contents comes from bigger and better trackers. This site is a better alternative if your favorite torrent website is down, although it has its own short comings.

The website has an average download speed of 3.7MBs.

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