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Types of Facebook Ads – There are different types of Facebook ads created to enable advertisers, effectively run their ad creation, and ad campaign on the Facebook platform, to aid their Facebook marketing efforts.

Types of Facebook Ads


Types of Facebook Ads

The following, are types of Facebook Ads, offered by Facebook, to its users to help their marketing efforts on Facebook.

  • Lead Ads
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Sponsored Mentions
  • Offer Ads
  • Domain Ads
  • Canvas
  • Video Ads.

Let’s break down these different types of Face, to help you make a better ad choice.

Lead Ads

With Lead Ads, you can collate information from other users, without them leaving Facebook. Once these pieces of information like the user’s name, email address, or phone number are collected, you are to tap on the “Submit” button, to get a lead prospect.

Creating a Lead Ad

To do this, choose the “Lead Generation” option, in the Ads Manager or Power Editor.

Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)

Rolled out in 2015, Multi-Product Ads, instantly optimizes your ad, to have your “most clicked on” image appear first. This increases the likelihood, of Facebook users, visiting your site after your ad is seen.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads offers a medium to show single or multi-product ads, to people who have visited your website. Depending on the behavior of the visitor, you can offer different ads, to different groups of people, depending on what they are interested in.

Dynamic Ads, functions basically on the data generated from your website, making it a powerful way of connecting with shoppers, personalizing the experience with products they are really interested in seeing.

Sponsored Mentions Ads (Branded Content)

Sponsored Mentions Ads, is collaborating with another eCommerce brand or an “influencer” with complementary products. This ad is beneficial both to you, and the brand you are teaming up with, it enables you both to see the results of your advertising efforts.

Creating a Sponsored Mentions Ad

  • Scroll to your page (not your Ads Manager)
  • Search for the Handshake.

Offer Ads

Offer Ads is designed as a quick and useful tool to target those who are familiar with your brands like Page Fans and previous website visitors.

  • It gives those that click a discount code with an expiration date (online)
  • It also gives them a barcode that they can use if you have a pop-up shop for your otherwise online-only store (in-store).

Domain Ads

This is either a Desktop or Right-Column ad. It is also known as “Domain Ads” or “Page Post Link Ads”. It is a single image ad, with an optional text description above, and a link description below that links to your website.

Domain Ads is the most used ad format on Facebook. It is compatible with your Facebook Pixel installed rightly on your site, this enables every visitor that clicks to get logged and re-targeted on Facebook later.


Canvas Ad is an interactive ad and can be created, by scrolling to the page the Canvas was created for.

Video Ads

Video Ads, are great ads, for both brand awareness and retargeting. You can retarget those who watch your video, with further ads, depending on the duration of the video they watched.

These are some of the Facebook ads, that you can actually use to optimize your Facebook marketing efforts, for the best results.


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