U.S Elections 2020 Candidate – Democrats and Republican National Party | Candidates that Dropped Out


The U.S Elections 2020 Candidate are candidates aspiring for the presidency position and seeking nomination from the different political parties in the United States. However, the two giant parties are still on the struggle on who will take over from the incumbent government. In this article, I will be showing you the U.S Elections 2020 Candidate. Those who have stepped down and those still on the course.

U.S Elections 2020 Candidate

U.S Elections 2020 Candidate – Aspirants

The U.S Elections 2020 is the setup calendar of the whole election event for the general election. The election is the 59th Quadrennial United States presidential election and is scheduled to be held on November 3, 2020. The U. S Elections 2020 as scheduled with specific dates from primaries, caucuses, party conventions, and presidential debates.

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The Democratic National Party convention has been a tough one. As which Bernie Sander bow out from the race on April 8, leaving Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and will contest against Donald Trump in November. Now we know the two last men standing in the race. Next, let me show you the entire candidate that was once in the running.

U. S. Elections 2020 Candidate

The presumptive Republican presidential Nominee:

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is the candidate representing the Republican Party. He is the incumbent president of the United States of America. A Real Estate developer and reality television star. In his presence administration, he has achieved a lot and introduce new policies that have been if tremendous assistance to the state.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. Is a former Vice President, a former senator from Delaware. He has run for the presidential position twice before. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is known to be a humble personality and has the interest of working-class voters. He is the candidate representing the Democratic National Party after others had dropped out of the race.

Republican National Party U.S Elections 2020 Candidate that Dropped Out

William F. Weld – Former governor of Massachusetts, a former federal prosecutor

Joe Walsh – conservative radio show host, a former congressman from Illinois

Mark Sanford – Former Congressman from South Carolina, former governor of the state.

Key Candidates under the Democratic National Party that Dropped Out

Below are some of the Key Candidates under the Democratic National Party that dropped out.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sander aspired as a presidential candidate under the Democratic National Party platform. He is a senator from Vermont, a former Congressman. Bernie Sander ended his second bid for the Democratic nomination in April 2020, after a series of losses to Mr. Biden.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard is a congresswoman from Hawaii; She is an Amry National Guard veteran. Tulsi Gabbard aspired as a candidate under the umbrella of The Democratic National Party. She ended her campaign in March 2020 and said she would back Mr. Biden in his campaign.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren a 70 years old woman, a senator from Massachusetts, a former Harvard professor. She contested as a presidential candidate in the Democratic National Party. But later dropped out of the race following a steady decline in support and a poor showing on Super Tuesday. She ended her campaign on March 5, 2020.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Michael R. Bloomberg is a Billionaire media executive, former mayor of New York City aspiring for the presidential office under the auspices of the Democratic National Party. He dropped out of the race after Super Tuesday and endorses Mr. Biden. He spent hundreds of millions of dollars of his own fortune on a campaign of just three months plus. He ended his campaign on March 4, 2020.

List of Other Democrats U.S Elections 2020 Candidates that Dropped Out

There are others aspirants that also aspired and dropped out in the U. S. Elections 2020. The list is as follows:

  • Amy Klobuchar – a senator from Minnesota.
  • Pete Buttigieg – former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
  • Tom Steyer – Billionaire former hedge fund executives, climate change and impeachment activist.
  • Deval Patrick – former Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Andrew Yang – former tech executive founder.
  • Michael Bennet – a senator from Colorado.
  • John Delaney – former congressman from Maryland.
  • Cory Booker – Senator from New Jersey, former mayor of Newark.
  • Marianne Williamson – Self-help author, new age lecturer.
  • Julian Castro – former house secretary, former mayor of San Antonio.
  • Kamala Harris – Senator from California, a former attorney of California, and former San Francisco district attorney.
  • Steve Bullock – Governor of Montana, former state attorney general.
  • Joe Sestak – Former Congressman from Pennsylvania, former Naval admiral.
  • Wayne Messam – mayor of Miramar. Former college football champion.
  • Beto O’Rourke – Congressman from Texas.
  • Tim Ryan – congressman from Ohio, from Congressional staff member
  • Bill de Blasio – Mayor of New York City.
  • Kristen Gillibrand – a senator from New York, former congresswoman.
  • Seth Moulton – congressman from Massachusetts, Iraq War veteran.
  • Jay Inslee – Governor of Washington State, a former congressman.
  • John Hickenlooper – former Governor of Colorado, former mayor of Denver.
  • Eric Swalwell – Congressman from California.
  • Richard Ojeda – former West Virginia State Senator, a military veteran.

With the results of the primaries ending with Bernie Sanders drop from the race on April 8, Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and will be contesting face to face against Donald Trump in November.


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