Unopened Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells For a Record $2 Million


Did you know that an unopened copy of super Mario Bros. sells for a record $2 million? Yes, this is so true. An anonymous buyer recently paid 2 million dollars for a copy of super Mario bros that has never been opened and this is according to the collectibles website, rally.

Unopened Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells For a Record $2 Million


Unopened Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells For a Record $2 Million

Well, this news came less than a month ago, when the record for the price of vintage games was broken. A copy of sealed super Mario 64 was sold for $1.56 million at an auction. This was first reported by the new york times. Just over the past year, the set record for the most expensive video game has been broken on numerous occasions. The demand for vintage collectibles and games remains high as a copy of super Mario bros sold for $114, 000 just last July in an auction.

Later again in November, a copy of Super Mario bros. 3 broke the record yet again. Selling for a then-record of $156,000 at an auction, it became the most expensive retro game again the record was smashed in April of the following year when a copy of super Mario bros was sold for $600,000 at an auction. Another copy of the legend of Zelda was sold the following July for a then-record of $870,000.

How The Super Mario Bros Was Acquired For $2 Million

Most of the games if not all broke the records at auctions no doubt. But the $2 million super Mario bros took a different route entirely. In other words, it wasn’t sold at an auction. The company, Rally buys games and various collectibles such as comic books and others, and in turn, turn them into small companies people can purchase shares in, more like an investment.

When someone tables an offer to buy a collectible, the investors vote whether to sell it or not. It’s that simple. The company, rally bought the super Mario bros. for $140,000 last April, reports the times. Shareholders then approved the sales of the super Mario bros for $2 million to the anonymous buyer.


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