URL Channel – Why Your URL Channel Never Works Out the Way You Plan


Do you know what URL Channel is all about? I believe some of my readers may not really understand URL Channel all about. URL Channel has to do with Google AdSense on a website or blog page. In this article, I will be explaining and giving more information on this topic. Just keep reading on.

URL Channel

What is URL Channel?

It is a customized or set up reporting option that keeps track of the performance of a particular domain or website. It is an Ads page of any channels. You can create a URL account for a single page or pages depending on the URL. For instance, if you key in this website www.mydomain.com/topics/tech/ all the pages that are in this URL will be traced by the channel.

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How do I  create a URL Channel

When you have searched and know the URLs you want to track, then you can just create channels using the Google AdSense Web interface. Here are the steps to create;

  • Using a browser of your choice
  • Go to Google AdSense site, get your account and sign in
  • Move to the left hand of the menu, from the menu
  • Select “Product”
  • Tap on the URL channels link
  • At the top of the page, Tap on the New URL Channel button
  • From the pop up box, key in a list of URLs to be tracked
  • Tap on the Add URL Channels button to create and save channels. 

How do I create Custom Channels

When you have already created ad units and they are displaying on your blog, you will need to begin grouping the different ad units into the channel. This brings about custom channels. Follow these steps to create a new custom channel;

  • Using a browser of your choice
  • Go to Google AdSense website, go your account and Sign In.
  • Move to the left hand of the menu, from the menu
  • Select “Product”
  • Tap on the custom channels link
  • At the top of the screen, press on the New custom Channels button
  • Key in a Name for the new channel
  • At the left side of the page, select the units that you desire in the channel among the list of Ad units From the list of Ad units
  • Next, click on the Save button to save the new channel.

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The Importance of URL Channel on your Website

By creating a URL Channel itself on your blog, it will increase your earnings. When the different channels are active and configured, you will begin exploring the reports created by the channels. All the reports can be seen under your performance Report tab and on the Advanced Reports section.

However, the reports will enable you to see which of your ad units are making more success and on which location of the page. It will allow you to see many websites specific information based on how you had set up your channels. It will get down further to show you segments including time, location and date. When you understand what is making your website successful, you have to optimize those factors. You can remove the ads or slots that are not functional on your blog. This will eventually increase your revenue.

The difference between the URL Channel and Custom Channels

Both URL and custom can be used on a website, using the two does not affect your data. These are just a few differences between the two

  • The ad unit on the top of the page generates more earnings than the ad unit at the button of the page. Then you can still create two custom channels for both the top and the button
  • Knowing which Ad size works best for your website. If you don’t know them to create a custom size for each of the ad size used on your site.
  • Get to know which of the section of the website generate more revenue. Then create URL Channels of various sections of the site that you wish to compare.

Above are some of the differences between URL channel and Custom Channels.

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