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The internet has lots of sources to download digital files and save them to your local device storage and Waptrick is one of those platforms. Waptrick allows users to download games, videos, song lyrics, themes, apps, and more. It is a convenient website to fetch files that can be used on your device; however, you need to have a good internet connection to download files from Waptrick.

Waptrick is one of the most popular, used, and essential sources for getting digital files. It gives users the availability to download whatever digital file they want to their local device storage. How do I download it on Waptrick? Downloading files from Waptrick is easy. You can download your favorite digital files from different categories such as games, tv series, song lyrics, photos, etc. Read on to learn how you can download files into your device storage.


Waptrick is not just for downloading files into your device, also, you get updates on happenings around you and globally. The official Waptrick website is free and available to all with smart devices. With Waptrick, you can download full-length movies, wallpaper, music, games, and others.

Let’s look at the categories you can find on Waptrick and how to download your favorite series, music, movies, games, application, and many others online.

Waptrick Categories

Accessing Waptrick.com is easy as long as you have a smart device that is accessible to the website. You can visit the website and download according to the category of files you would wish to download on your device. Waptrick’s homepage consists of the following categories;

  • TV Series.
  • Dropant Online Games
  • Song lyrics
  • Photos and pictures
  • Animations
  • Sound effects
  • Videos
  • Applications
  • Photo Gallery
  • Horoscope

While on the website, you can visit any of these categories to get the exact file you want. That means you don’t have to be stressing much about Waptrick. Also, it is hassle-free for all to use.


Waptrick.com is the official portal to play games, download themes, and watch your favorite videos online. The platform has been serving us for so many years and it still offers the good services it has been serving us with over the years. With your device, you can download and stream videos online using the Waptrick portal.

Waptrick Video

There is a category on Waptrick that is just for videos, meaning you can watch your favorite videos online for free. Also, users can have free access to a wide range of high-quality videos to watch and download. Downloading waptrick videos are easy and below are the steps to downloading videos.

Waptrick Video Downloader

Want to download waptrick videos? Follow the steps below to download your favorite video into your device storage;

  • Using your device web browser, navigate to Waptrick at http://waptrick.com/
  • Click on the Videos category and a different selection of videos will be shown.
  • Choose from the videos displayed or use the search box to find the exact one you want.
  • Once you find the video you wish to download, click on it to proceed to the download page.
  • Now, click on “Start download video” to start.
  • You will be directed to another page with a preview of the video, now click on the columns and select “Download”.

Waptrick Music

Unfortunately, due to the changes that were made on Waptrick, users can no longer download music. However, you can download your favorite song lyrics. Do you have a favorite song, but have yet to learn the words said? Well, you can use the waptrick song lyrics feature to download the lyrics of the music you want.

Waptrick Song Lyrics

Waptrick’s lyric collection is the largest and offers all genres of music lyrics organized by song title and artist name. The lyric feature or category is one of the most accurate, largest, browsable, and searchable song lyrics sources on the internet.

How to Download Waptrick Lyrics

Downloading song lyrics on Waptrick is not available. Nevertheless, you can view and sing along to the lyrics on the platform. Follow the steps below to see your favorite song lyrics;

  • Select Songs lyrics from the waptrick homepage or navigate to http://waptrick.com/en/song-lyrics/
  • Search for the lyrics you want by artist name. song name or song lyrics.
  • Type it in the keyword box and click search.
  • A list of different song lyrics will be shown, select the one you to view it.

Waptrick Games in

Waptrick games can be played online. Users can download games online using waprick and the process is free and easy. The platform offers lots of awesome games that can be downloaded into your device. The interface is easy and even less educated users can access, understand and download games from the portal. Whatever kind of game you fantasy playing and would like to download to your device, waptrick is your best bet to get them.

Here is a category of games you can download on the waptrick games platform;

  • Strategy games
  • Puzzle
  • games
  • Dropant Online Games
  • Sports games
  • Christmas games
  • Casino games
  • Platform games
  • Classic games
  • Racing games
  • Movie games
  • Action games
  • Arcade games
  • Kids games.

Waptrick Tv Series

If you searching for your favorite Tv Series, then Waptrick is the right portal for you to visit. There is a wide range of series to select from. However, downloading tv series on waptrick is impossible to the fact that it was rejuvenated. Now, you can only stream tv series on Waptrick using the video streaming tool; Videovak.

How to Stream Waptrick Tv Series

Use these steps to stream your favorite series on waptrick;

  • Navigate to http://waptrick.com/
  • Select the Tv Series category.
  • Then you will be redirected to the video streaming tool.
  • Select the series you wish to download or use the search tool on the portal.
  • Now, click on the series you want to stream, select the season and the episode, and then select “Play” to start streaming.

How to Download other Files on Waptrick

Follow the steps below to download other files on Waptrick easily;

  • While on the Waptrick homepage, select the category depending on what you wish to download.
  • A new page will open containing the file you wish to download.
  • Scroll through or use the search box and type the name of what you want to download.
  • Click on it when shown to load the download page.

Waptrick Integrated Websites

Here are some sites unified under waptrick;

  • Wapdam
  • Waphan
  • Zamob
  • Zonkewap
  • Gratisindo
  • Mexicowap
  • Wapafull
  • Wap. in


For many years, Waptrick has been serving with high quality and easy-to-navigate platform to make streaming and downloading easier. I hope this waptrick article useful helpful. Also, ensure to share it with your friends and drop your comments or suggestions in the comment section.


is Waptrick still working?

Waptrick is still functioning as a hassle-free and easy-to-use website for downloading your favorite files. It is one of the oldest and most trusted sites for digital file download.

Who can access Waptrick?

Waptrick is accessible to anyone with a smart device and a good internet connection. Unlike most online file sources, waptrick offers great quality files, and also its interface is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to pay to use Waptrick for streaming or downloading videos.

Can I download Music on Waptrick?

Unfortunately, waptrick music is no longer available. However, you can check out the song lyrics of your favorite music. Song lyrics are a great way to sing along when your favorite song is playing and Waptrick offers users accurate lyrics to their favorite music. You can search for lyrics by artist name, song lyrics, or song title.

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