What Are Families For At Bigo Live?

Ever asked, “what are families for at Bigo Live?” Fortunately, you clicked on the right article to get your answers. In this article, you will be sharing everything regarding families on Bigo Live including how to create a family, join, and exit. Families are a support system on the Live streaming app. To learn more about Bigo families, make sure to read to the end of this article.

If you looking for good support on the Bigo Live app, then becoming a part of a family is your best bet. Families on the platform are for supporting and encouraging each other. It is a group of members who come together to support each other to reach their targets or goals for the month.

What Are Families For At Bigo Live?

The family idea was created to help broadcasters find support and fame easily through the help of a support system. There are some families on the platform that are supportive and if you are lucky enough to be in one, you hit a jackpot.

As a family on Bigo Live, competitions are known as Family PK (between two families). When the PK is set to collect more beans and earn family points. Family points can be used for different privileges on the platform. You can join a family or create your own provided you meet the requirements needed. Let’s dive into how you can create your own family on Bigo Live and invite members.

How Do I Create My Own Family On Bigo Live?

If you don’t wish to join an existing family on the Live streaming platform, you can create your own in your region. Below are the requirements needed to create a family;

  • Current user level must be 10
  • Recharging amount of $50 within the last 30 days.
  • Diamond balance of 100 in the wallet
  • Wallet balance of beans must be 500.

Once you can meet the requirements you can create your family and invite people to your region.

How Do I Join A Family On Bigo Live?

Got a family in mind you’d like to join? Well, that’s very easy. You can easily join any existing family and become a member. Being a part of a family comes with responsibilities. As a become you have to support others as well and not just receive.

With that said, follow the steps below to join a Bigo Live family;

  • Log into your account and then go to “Me” > “Family”.
  • You will be redirected to the information page of the family. The page consists of a list of the top families in your region.
  • Choose the family you wish to join and tap on the Family icon.
  • A new screen will pop up, tap “Contact family” or “apply to join”.
  • Once you are accepted by the Family founder or co-founder, you will get the family badge on your profile.

With the steps above, you will easily join a family and get a member badge. Have in mind that you can’t join more than one family on Bigo Live.

How Do I Get Out Of A Family On Bigo Live?

Just as applying to join a family on Bigo Live is easy, exiting is equally easy. That is to say, you can easily leave or exit your current family. To leave or get out of a Bigo family, go to the family section on your profile and select “Quit Family”. and you will exit the family.

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There is everything to know about Bigo Live families, including how to create, join and exit a family. We hope you like and find this article helpful. The comment section is open to your thoughts or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attract viewers on BIGO?

To attract followers to your Bigo Live account;

  • Have a captivating profile
  • Use high-quality streaming and stream consistently.
  • Engage with your followers or viewers.
  • Engage with other broadcasters.
  • Promote yourself on your other social media accounts.

How does BIGO VIP work?

The VIP status on the streaming platform comes with three tiers and each gives a higher value than the other. As a VIP member, you get gifts on renewals and are also able to send a standout chat message to others.

What should I do on Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a platform to showcase your talent, and get gifters, and at the end of the month, you get paid according to your earnings. You can live stream your activities to strangers and friends. If your stream is interesting and entertaining, viewers will gift you.

How much is 1 beans in Bigo Live?

I bean in Bigo Live is equivalent to $0. That is to say, one bean doesn’t count.

Which country uses BIGO the most?

Bigo Live is used mostly in Thailand, the United States, Turkey, Vietnam, and Russia. However, it is globally accepted for streaming and making money online.

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