What Are the Best Trends in Online Marketing


What are the best trends in online marketing one may ask? It is simple, and if you want to know, you will need to complete the context of this post. In the year 2021, the top digital marketing trends are being built around two concepts. And they are general humanization and secondly creating technical and mechanical optimization, simplifying SEO. And secondly how to structure campaigns.

What Are the Best Trends in Online Marketing

What Are the Best Trends in Online Marketing

In this post, however, I will be sharing with you the best digital or online marketing trends in 2021 that will give you an edge over your competitors. Below are some of the top digital marketing trends of 2021;

  • Inclusivity
  • Featured and no-click searches
  • Sustainability: loud and proud
  • Ad-blocker blockers
  • Image and video SEO for visual searches

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021


What is inclusivity? Taking a critical look at the front-page headlines of most papers, you will see the significance of inclusivity in our times. The number of engagements keeps growing by the day especially from a younger demographic. These sets of persons want to see a more optimistic content in terms of what they consume and the various brands they purchase from.

With the latter being said, it simply means that these persons don’t want to see what they have been accustomed to in the previous decades. Digital marketing in this year 2021 includes subject matters and media that covers religion, races, and others. This also includes the representation of physically challenged persons.

Featured Snippets and No-Click Searches

Normally the goal and target of SEO are to get your listing in the number one position in search results. Now in 2021, the end goal is shifting SEO visibility to position zero. Now the question you should be asking here is what is position zero?

Position zero here is simply referring to Google’s featured snippet. And in 2021, SEO marketing trends are making this a priority above every other thing. What is snippet zero and how does it work? The featured snippet here works differently than other search results. This is separated by a small box that is located at the top. It displays relevant and extra information with an attempt of answering a visitor’s question without them needing to click on it, hence the nickname ‘no-click search’.

Sustainability: Loud and Proud

These days, especially now in 2021, people are now more interested in environmentalism just like the trend of inclusivity. They are concerned about the earth and they also want the people and brands receiving their money to do the same. A survey shows that 81% of consumers feel that these companies have a role to play in improving the environment.

And this is seen as a move to create and boost an eco-friendly brand for young consumers. And this goes way beyond the green product market. Brands can therefore benefit from this by showing they actually care about sustainable practices.

Ad-Blocker Blockers

While you may think that the digital marketing trends of 2021 may be fully focused on positivity, this is not entirely true. Online marketing trends in 2021 are also about overcoming obstacles just like ad blockers. It is already calculated that 27% of internet users are expected to use ad blockers in 2021.

Marketers are seeing most of their traffic source being automatically cut off and this is including PPC campaigns. You would want to check how the problem may be big for you and how you can go around it. Just in case you don’t know how to do this, your ad data and analytics will tell what you need to know. And depending on the results, the damage might just be manageable.

Just in case you fall victim to this update, you may want to adapt immediately. Do not waste time doing this as this is the best strategy for you. You should waste time trying and convince potential customers to make a change to their preferences. You will have to readjust your marketing strategy and campaign to other meaningful campaigns like sponsored content.

Image and Video SEO for Visual Searches

How many visual search techniques do you know? Or do you know any even? Normally users can search for visual content like video and image just by entering keywords. But do you know that you can also submit existing images for a search? Or do you know you can take original photos for search context?

These visual search techniques are discovered more these days and it changes the overall SEO landscape. To therefore capitalize on the increased amount of visual searches, you will need to make sure your image and video SEO campaigns are top of your game. Some of the techniques to try for starters are;

  • Include alt texts in your image descriptions always.
  • Include SEO keywords in the file name of your image.
  • Create a sitemap dedicated to images or add images to your sitemap.
  • In terms of images and videos, make sure it is quality.

That’s it. You can even familiarize yourself with Google lens most especially if you are an eCommerce brand.

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