What Is Dayparting And Why It’s Important?

If you are spending money and time on running ads, but, getting low conversion rates, let me ask you a question. Have you tried using Dayparting before? No? Okay, you have clicked on the right article to learn how you can change your ad spending and get the conversion you’ve been looking for.

Dayparting is an important tactic to use on Amazon and make profits with it, you can set up different ad budgets for different times of the day. In this blog, we will explore what is dayparting and why it’s important. Furthermore, you will be learning how to set it up.

What Is Dayparting And Why It’s Important?

Dayparting is also known as Amazon Ad Scheduling, however this is an advanced advertising feature that assists sellers to distribute their daily ad budget on campaigns. This is done for certain times of the day and it is done to maximize RoAS and fix wasted ad budgeting.

This schedule is done in the hours your products sell best. Let’s say, you sell products better in the evening, you can allocate a higher ad budget at the time and a lower one for the morning hours. By using this ad feature, you can target the most receptive audience and increase your chances of having good conversions.

In addition to that, dayparting also helps you adjust campaigns for different seasons. Automating your budget and targeting can help increase your chances of conversion, thereby driving more sales.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dayparting On Amazon?

Being a high advertising feature on Amazon, there are lots of benefits that come with it. Here is a list of some;

  • Show Ads During Peak Times: This is the highest benefit of using Dayparting. It offers sellers the ability to show ads during peak times. You can use it to set up a high ad budget for campaigns in the timeframe you sell more.
  • Get More Sales During Shopping Events.
  • The click through rate, conversion rate, and the ACoS of your ad campaigns will be improved using dayparting. This will help improve your overall ad performance.
  • With a small budget, dayparting can help you make good use of it. You won’t be wasting your budget on clicks that don’t even bring conversion.
  • You get to reach shoppers that want to buy your products and not only check them out.

How To Find Out When To Create Dayparting

There are several factors to consider before creating dayparting campaigns, so, you don’t start it blindly. The factors to consider are;

  • What is your goal for the campaign?
  • How long is your customer’s buying cycling.
  • Where are your buyers located?
  • When are your buyers most active?

You need to ask yourself the questions above before proceeding to carry out your ad schedule.

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How To Efficiently Use Dayparting

Now that you have carefully studied and understood your buyers, let’s look at how you can create dayparting rules on Amazon. You can schedule your ads on Amazon using the steps below;

  • Log into your Amazon seller central and then head to your campaign manager.
  • Select “Budget” from the menu.
  • Now, select the campaign that you want to use dayparting on and click “Budget”.
  • Go to “Add budget rule”.
  • Give a name to the rule and then choose “Schedule” as the type.
  • Input a start and end date.
  • Next, select “Daily” to apply the budget rules on all days of the week or you can choose “Weekly” to apply rules on specific days.

With the Amazon budget schedule rules, here are a few limitations. However, you can use an external tool to proceed. SellerApp Automation tool, you can set up hourly dayparting on your ads account.

How To Use SellerApp Dayparting Automation Tool

Using the SellerApp tool is easy, all you have to do is connect your Amazon Seller Central and ads account. Once you have successfully connected the two accounts, you can set up dayparting.

To set dayparting on the sellerapp tool, go to advertising > Automation > Dayparting. Next, click “Create blank Dayparting rule”. From there, you then choose whether to create dayparting on the account or campaign level. Now, select the start and end dates for dayparting and set the overall daily budget amount.

Now, add a custom budget for different times on weekdays. This is based on your historical data. Review, enable the rule, and let dayparting will be ready. To start your first ad scheduling or dayparting with sellerapp too, sign into the SellerApp Dashboard.

What are the limitations of dayparting?

Below are some limitations that come with dayparting;

Amazon hourly data is comminuted

You should have in mind that the hourly sales and conversion rate data are crucial to set up an accurate dayparting rule. However, it only gives daily data, which is not enough to make an hourly dayparting.

You Lose Potential To Reach Major TouchPoints

With dayparting, you limit your chance to chat with shoppers at every step of the journey. This could result in less conversion rate of products.

Dayparting May Not Apply To All Products

Have in mind that not all products might accept the dayparting ads. If a product has a high demand the whole day or it has a broad target market that shops at different hours, then dayparting might not be the right tactic to use.

Inaccurate Data With Attribution

On Amazon, products listed have 7 to 14 days attribution, which means if a shopper clicks on an ad on Monday and purchases the product, it will be attributed to the click on Monday.

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Amazon Dayparting Best Practices

Here are some best practices to put in place for a successful dayparting;

  • Avoid CPC bid rush
  • Gather more data from amazon retail analytics also known as ARA.
  • Test the rules
  • Use Amazon lightning deals combined with dayparting to get sales increase.

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As a seller on Amazon, dayparting is one of the optimization strategies to use and get more conversions in short term. To stay ahead of your competitors in the marketplace, you need to use your advertising budget as efficiently as possible and reach buyers. Your goal on the marketplace is to make more sales by reaching people who genuinely want to buy. We hope you find this guide helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dayparting important?

With dayparting, you can optimize your campaigns by allocating more budget for ads to display at specific times. This helps you get more conversions.

What is meant by dayparting?

Dayparting is a pay-per-click advertising strategy in which you schedule ads for certain times of the day or certain days of the week.

What is dayparting in digital marketing?

In online marketing, dayparting is a targeting strategy used to limit when ads are purchased to certain days and times of the day.

Is daypart a word?

Yes, daypart is a word. It is a part of the day in which a type of activity apropos for that time.

Why do we use day parting?

Marketers use dayparting to make ads campaign more appealing and relevant to users or shoppers. It helps you optimize your ads by showing them when they are most likely to get positive results.

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