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What is Facebook dating? This is a question that is still being asked by users and non-users alike all over the world even with the type of exposure the service has had since its launch. Facebook dating is a separate space on the Facebook mobile app where users looking for romantic entanglement can find love. It’s that simple!

What Is Facebook Dating

What Is Facebook Dating

If you are interested in making new friends and finding love, then the dating service on Facebook is the ideal tool to make use of. If you find a profile you like, you can simply send likes and messages to them. And if a person likes you back, you can now start chatting. Cool right? That was my reaction when I first found out about the feature.

Is There an App for the Facebook Dating Service

Well, let me clear on this one, there is no official standalone app for the dating service by Facebook. The service is a feature within the main Facebook app and platform. In other words, if you would love to make use of the feature, you would need to be a registered account holder on the platform and you must also have the Facebook mobile app downloaded and installed on your device.

Is Your Dating Profile Different From Your Facebook Profile

Yes! Your Facebook account profile is completely different and separate from your dating profile. Dating is just a separate space on the Facebook platform and has nothing to do with what you share on your newsfeed or do on Facebook. Facebook will not suggest your current friends on the platform on dating. They also will not notify other users or your friends when you set up a dating profile.

Also, your business on the Facebook dating platforms is kept away from your newsfeed. Your dating conversations will not appear on the messenger platform. Also when you delete your dating profile, your main Facebook profile will not be affected. But on the other hand, if you delete your Facebook profile, your dating profile will also be deleted since the platform is a feature within Facebook.

Who Can Use Facebook Dating

Anyone can make use of this platform and feature. But there are some terms and conditions you will have to meet up with before this can be possible. You must be an active Facebook account holder to make use of this platform. Also, you must be 18 years old and above to start making use of Facebook dating. Lastly, you must be in a region with access to Facebook dating.

Facebook dating is not yet available to all regions and countries across the globe with access to Facebook. Simply if you do not see the dating option in your updated Facebook app, then it is not yet available to your regions. Or go to www.facebook.com/dating. If it is not available to your region you will be met with an unavailability message.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Accessing Facebook is easy. And this can only happen via your Facebook mobile app. At the time of this writing, the dating feature on Facebook cannot be accessed on a computer. Therefore if you are eligible to make use of the feature you will have to download the Facebook mobile app. And once that is done, follow the steps below to access Facebook dating;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app and log in to your account.
  • Tap the hamburger icon and select the dating option.
  • You will be taken to the dating page immediately.

And from the dating page and platform, you will be required to set up a dating profile. And you can also successfully do this by following the on-screen instructions.

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