Why Is Full-Funnel Advertising Important For Sellers?

Full Funnel advertising is not a campaign strategy, it is a whole shift in how digital marketing works. Why is full-funnel advertising important for sellers? Full-funnel is a marketing strategy that enables sellers to appeal to buyers at each stage of the customer journey. Rather than focusing on conversions, this strategy creates a dedicated campaign to build relations with potential customers. Also, it raises your brand awareness.

In this article, we will be covering why full-funnel advertising is important for sellers to use. Now, let’s explore further why this marketing strategy is crucial for businesses to use.

Why Is Full-Funnel Advertising Important For Sellers?

Full-funnel advertising or marketing helps businesses or sellers to reach consumers across different channels. It is no news that only 12% of online shopping orders result in a purchase, which is why as a seller, it’s vital to up your game. And what better way to do it than with Full-Funnel Advertising or Marketing? It serves the purpose that it is employed to do, by tailoring marketing messages to the specific stage of the customer journey. You can build a better experience, nurture customer relationships and expose your brand further.

The benefits of full-funnel advertising are broken into three main stages for sellers. They are;


This is the first stage that comes with using full-funnel advertising. In this stage, consumers have to pain point, however, with no idea of your brand. As a marketer, your focus here should be to associate their pain points using your product through engaging and capturing content to create awareness.

Full-funnel advertising or marketing is straightforward. It lets you touch base with potential customers at every stage of their journey (awareness, consideration, and conversion). You can use video ads or sponsored product ads to build awareness among consumers of your products.


At this stage, you already have customers consideration and they’d be hunting for information that can help solve their problems. Engaging with customers helps you drive consideration for your products and services.

In this stage, shoppers would likely compare prices, reviews, and shipping options with other similar products. At this point, they will likely want to learn more about your business so they can make well-informed purchase decisions.


This is the final stage of full-funnel marketing. This is the point where shoppers already have shown interest in your brand and are ready to make a purchase. In this stage, once a customer clicked on gym fits products, but has yet to make a purchase, you can retarget them using sponsored display ads on Amazon with a “Add to cart” or “Buy now” call to action to make a purchase.

Four Advantages Of Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy

You will be able to connect with your potential customers at every stage of the customer journey. Also, it helps you get more success as a brand. What are the benefits of using full-funnel advertising? Well, let’s look at the advantages that come with this marketing strategy;

Increase Consideration

With this marketing approach or strategy, you can increase brand consideration and drive sales. On Amazon, you can show Sponsored products ads search results, and competitors’ product listing pages. And engage shoppers that are ready to buy and increase brand consideration.

In order words, you can use sponsored brand campaigns to reach and connect with shoppers browsing products in your category. And redirect them to your storefront.

Get More Sales

Yes, you can get more sales with a full-funnel marketing tactic. According to Amazon, sellers using full-funnel advertising see an average of 21% more new brand sales than others that use only sponsored products or brand ads.

Grows Brand Loyalty

To get your shoppers’ loyalty, then using full-funnel is your best bet. I mean, it is the best way to grow the customer’s lifetime value and get returning purchases. Marketers can get 190% more ad-attributed subscriptions and save on products using this strategy. Full-funnel advertising is way better than just using a particular type. Click here for a short video of Amazon seller attribution.

Create a Habit Loop

Sellers can create or build a habit loop by repeatedly exposing potential consumers to the brand’s messaging. This could lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

How To Create A Winning Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy?

The process of creating a full-funnel advertising strategy is broken down into different prerequisites.

Create a Retail Ready Product Listing

The first process to creating a full-funnel strategy on Amazon is to make sure that your product is retail ready and well-optimized. That is to say, your product should have an optimized title, bullet points, quality images, A+ content, reviews, and ratings to stand out. To better understand Amazon Product Listing Optimization, click here. Use the guidelines to create a retail-ready listing for your products on the marketplace.

Plan Keywords to Different Stages of the Customer Journey

Identifying keywords that shoppers are looking for to find your product and planning them out for the customer journey is the next step. You can harvest or get high-performing keywords from your ad campaigns if you have. Use the SellerApp Dashboard to get keywords from your existing campaigns.

Create Buyer’s Persona

It is important to create a buyer’s persona, so you don’t spend your advertising budget on the wrong audience. You can use Amazon insights to gather customer information and understand the product attributes contributing to buying decisions. Once you get the insights, apply them to create images and A+ content on your Amazon product details page.

Reach Shoppers To Drive Conversion

When you optimize your listings, build the bottom of the full-funnel marketing strategy to get more purchases. For example, it is recommended to use Sponsored products ads to reach shoppers using branded search terms indicating high intent

Stand Out In Your Niche

After your products are retail-ready and well-optimized for conversion, invest in ad types on Amazon that will help you stand out from your competitors. This can be called owning your aisle.

Build Your Brand

Once you have successfully owned your aisle, it is recommended to increase consideration with products like video and display ads through the Amazon DSP and Sponsored Brands. At this point, you should consider bidding on broader shopping queries and reaching in-market audiences (audiences whose shopping patterns suggest your product may be of interest to them).

Expand Your Reach

The final stage of running a full-funnel campaign is creating awareness. With Amazon DSP, you can scale your reach across different channels without losing value.

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There is everything you need to know about Full-funnel advertising on Amazon. When you adopt this strategy, you will likely see compounding effects that lead to stronger results in every stage. Furthermore, creating a full-funnel ad is not complicated and very straightforward. We hope you find this article relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is full-funnel marketing important?

Marketers using Full-funnel strategies are seen to have up to 45% higher ROI and 7% increases in offline sales compared to marketing campaigns.

What is full-funnel advertising?

Full-funnel advertising is a marketing approach that begins at the top of the funnel by casting a wide net to catch as many conversions or leads as possible.

Why funnel method is important?

One reason why you should consider using the funnel marketing method is that it helps to simplify the customer journey and make it easier for brands to follow.

What is the most important part of a marketing funnel?

The most important part of a marketing funnel is awareness or attention-catching. Awareness is the first stage and also the most important one.

How sales funnel improve sales?

The sales funnel enables you as a marketer to understand what potential customers are thinking and doing at every stage of the journey.

What is the main goal of a top of funnel ad campaign?

The primary goals of funnel marketing strategy are awareness and lead generation. To put your product out there for potential customers.

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