Why your Conversations on Facebook Dating Disappear


Facebook dating is still a new feature and it still has some problems and errors. However, many people using Facebook dating have been complaining that their conversations disappear on the site. In this article, you will know Why Your Conversations  On Facebook Dating Disappear.

Why Your Conversations On Facebook Dating Disappear
Why Your Conversations On Facebook Dating Disappear

Why Your Conversations on Facebook Dating Disappear

A conversation will expire after 18 days of no communication. Therefore, if a conversation or match disappears before the expiration date that means the other person’s Facebook Dating has either deleted your profile or deleted their account from the app.

If you mistakenly delete your conversation or matches, it’s not possible to restore it. But you can match with them again if you both swipe right on each other.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Before we talk about why Facebook dating conversations disappear. You need to know something important which is how to access Facebook dating.

A lot of people are still new to this app and some don’t know how to access Facebook dating. There are two-step process on how to access Facebook dating and it’s listed below;

  • On the bottom right corner of your Facebook application click on the three-line that is, the menu button.
  • Scroll down and click on see more, and then click on the heart icon which is dating.
  • For the people using Facebook web all you need to do is search for Facebook dating on Google and then you will get the link. All you need to do now is to tab on that link sign in to your Facebook account and it will take you directly to dating.

The problem here is that if you do not find the heart icon or if you use the link and it says Facebook dating is not available means you cannot use it.  This means that Facebook is not yet available for your region or location and you need to wait.

How to Set Up Your Profile

Immediately you access Facebook dating the next action is to set up your Facebook dating profile. So take your time to fill out all the necessary Facebook dating profile information to get the best matches.

Facebook will keep on showing you potential matches of people who meet the standard you filled. Also, Facebook dating may or might show you people who are friends of friends on Facebook.

Facebook Dating will also show you who’s my friend on Instagram if your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook dating profile.

Why Your Conversations on Facebook Dating Disappear

Here, you will know Why Your Conversations on Facebook Dating  Disappear either on Android or iOS App Account. Like I said before, a lot of people have been complaining and giving reports of conversations disappearing Facebook dating. So, if you are among this category of people read carefully. The cause of your conversations disappearing are listed below:

  • When you are using a Facebook application that is out of date or outdated you are liable to experience this problem.
  • If your notifications are blocked on the Facebook application it can also be a cause of your conversations disappearing.
  • Your poor internet connection can also be the cause of your issue.
  • Facebook dating might just be down therefore your messages disappear.
  • FB matches to expire after 18 days of no conversation.
  • If you have deleted the profile of the person you are matched with then all the conversations will also disappear.

These are why your conversation keeps disappearing, so you have to go through your phone and Facebook Dating to know the actual cause of the problem you are having with Facebook Dating.


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