www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code – Discover Student Credit Card Application and Customer Service

The www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code is an invitation code sent to students that may be interested in building their credit. The Discover It student credit card it’s built with students’ minds making it a fair card to start building your credit history early while in college.

www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code
www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code

The Discover It Student credit card is of two the Student Cash Back and Chrome for Students. The credit card comes with no annual fee, and no credit score is required to apply. The card can be used at restaurants, grocery stores, and Gas stations. The card is designed for students’ lifestyles, on-campus and off.

www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code

However, if you have received an invitation mail from Discover bank, and you would like to apply for the student’s card, make available the invitation code.

The invitation code comes with the mail offer sent to you. The invitation code is the 23 digits number at the bottom of the mail.

How to Accept Discover It Student Card Offer Online

To accept the Discover it Student card offer use these steps below:

  • At the https://www.discover.com/itstudent
  • On the invitation code
  • Type in the 23 digit Discover It Student invitation code
  • Click on the Start Your Application big red button

This will lead you to the online application page, where you will fill the space with your personal information.

How to Apply For Discover It Student Card Online

To apply for the Discover It Student Cashback card follow the guide:

  • Get to the application page at https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/student-credit-card/it-card.html
  • Navigate to the right side of the page
  • Click on the Apply Now widget
  • Choose a card design that suits you
  • Fill the space with your personal information like your name, home address, date of birth, year in college, monthly housing/rent payment, and others.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Submit” button

When you follow these instructions above, enter your  www.discover.com/itstudents Invitation code properly, and your application will be processed immediately.

How to Check Discover It Student Application Status

To check your application status using these steps

Use these processes to check your application status if not received an immediate response.

How to Apply For Discover It Student Credit Card via Phone

There is always an alternative route if you do not want to apply online. It is to contact the customer service center by placing a call to speak with a customer service representative.

The center representative will assist you with your card application over the phone. However, before you begin the call do not forget to arrange your basic personal information around in case they are needed.

Discover Student Customer Service Support Phone Number

To get the valid contact phone number of the Discover It Student credit card follow these steps

With either of the two options, you will get to the Discover It Student credit card customer service center phone number.


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