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www.mywawavisit.com is the official website where Wawa customers can participate in the customer satisfaction survey. Do you know you can earn a massive freebie by taking the mywawavisit survey? Mywawa visit survey is giving new and existing customers the to win up to $250 by taking the customer feedback survey.

In this article, I will teach you about the requirements, rules, and how to take part in the customer satisfaction survey.


Mywawa Visit Customer Survey is an online survey portal designed by Wawa Company. The aim of the survey is to receive feedback from customers about the quality of service offered in areas of products, customer service representatives, environment, and cleanliness. For this reason, Wawa loves it when customers give their honest feedback. And you know what? You have a chance to win 4100 to $250 gift card rewards.

About the MyWawaVisit.com Survey

The Wawa My Visit Survey is an online portal where Wawa customers take part in a question-and-answer session on their last visit to any of its stores. Meanwhile, the survey is based on customer service, product quality, store cleanliness, and stock availability. But, the survey is only available online and at the end of the survey, you can earn gift card rewards of $100 to $250.

This is a 3-5 minutes customer satisfaction survey questionnaire at www.mywawavisit.com.

The www.mywawavisit.com survey allows customers to participate in a sweepstakes draw and get exciting gifts like Wawa gift cards. The gift cards are up to $100 to $250 based on your location.

To participate in this survey just start the survey and let them know your previous experiences at Wawa. If you are a regular customer at Wawa gas station, and convenience stores then take part in this survey.

Wawa designed the Mywawavisit.com survey to get to know what their customers think about their products and services. Therefore, Wawa Inc. invites its customers to in the mywawavisit survey. And, all participants get rewards with a Wawa gift card and quality exclusive service and products from the company.

About Wawa Inc

Wawa is an American chain of convenience stores and gas stations along the East Coast of the United States in Pennsylvania. The company’s corporate headquarters is situated in the Wawa area of Chester Heights, Pennsylvania. It basically operates in many states and cities in the United States. It is one of the largest convenience stores and gas chains on the East Coast. The store boasts thousands of customers across the country. To know how satisfied and comfortable customers’ are after visiting the store, hence, they built up the Wawa survey.

Mywawavisit Survey Details

Name of the survey Mywawavisit Survey
URL of the Survey https://mywawavisit.org
Receipt Validity Unlimited
Survey reward prize $100 to $250
Entry Limit 1 person per receipt

Mywawavisit.com Wawa Survey Rule

 To participate in mywawavisitsurvey a client must satisfy the rules and requirements. The rules are not too strict and can easily be passed.

  • Read and understand Spanish or English
  • Access to an internet connection and a working computer or Mobile phone
  • A legal resident of the United States and Columbia District
  • One reward per individual
  • Gift card rewards are not transferable
  • Have a valid survey invitation code
  • One receipt per person
  • Have a recent Wawa receipt that has the Wawa survey code printed on it.
  • Be age 18 and above.
  • The Wawa receipt should have been issued 5 days ago
  • Have contact information such as phone number and email address to contact you in case you win in the sweepstakes.

These are a few rules to observe before starting the survey click here

MyWawaVisit Survey Restriction at www.mywawavisit.com 

Some restrictions cannot allow customers to participate in the online survey. Some of the limitations include.

  • Teenagers below the age of 18 cannot take part in the customer satisfaction survey.
  • You cannot redeem your gift card reward as a cash prize
  • Employees and staff at Wawa Inc and their family members cannot participate in the survey.

How to participate in the www.mywawavisit.com customer survey

These are the step-by-step guide to participating in the Wawa survey.

  • Browse and get to the official website for the Wawa survey at mywawavisit.org
  • When the page opens, choose the language of your choice. Select English or Spanish
  • Next, check your receipt for the mywawavisit survey code and store number use these two details
  • Begin to answer the question on the page. Try to be honest in your answers
  • Enter your contact information as requested on the next option. This includes a phone number and email address, this contact will be used to reach you in case you win the sweepstakes.
  • Once you scroll down and click on the Continue button

A message prompt will appear to inform you that you have successfully participated in the mywawavisit sweepstakes.

If you win the Wawa gift card, the Wawa Company will contact you. For more information visit www.mywawavisit.org

Useful Wawa Reference Links 

For Wawa Official Website Link: click here

Wawa Official Survey Website Link: click here

To contact customer service: click here

Wawa Social Media Links

Check here for the Wawa Facebook link

For the Wawa Twitter link: Check here

Check here for the Wawa Instagram link


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the MyWawa visit survey.

Why should I participate in the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Wawa has been in operation for many years back now. Therefore, the company needs customer feedback on how to improve its overall performance and services. Thanks to the ever-growing technology, the company can get reports from its customer4 via the Mywawa visit survey. Customers can participate in the survey via the www.mywawavisit.com survey portal whenever they visit a Wawa store.

Moreover, if you just visit a Wawa store, and you were satisfied or dissatisfied with the service you were offered, you can just take the survey. The management will look into your answers and improve where needed. Amazingly, you get to earn free rewards so you are not wasting your time.

What should I know before participating in the Wawa Survey wwwmywawavisit.com survey website?

 To take part in the Mywawavisitsurvey, you must have a valid purchase receipt from the Wawa store with a survey invitation code. Also, the survey is only available online. This means that you must have an internet connection to parti9c pate in the survey. The language requirement needed to take part in the survey is English or Spanish (Espanol)

Is MyWawa Survey Prize redeemable as a cash prize?

No survey prizes are not redeemable as cash prizes or transferrable. You can only use your gift card at any Wawa store.

What is www.mywawavisit.com Survey Code?

 The Wawa Visit Survey code is the code printed on your purchase receipt when you visit any Wawa store. Your Wawa survey code is a very vital requirement that you need to partake in the online survey. This is because without it you cannot take the survey.

What is Wawa survey Reward?

Once you complete the Wawa Survey online, you are eligible to get a Wawa gift card reward. The gift card reward is worth up to $100 to $250. You can also win other massive prizes after taking the sweepstake.

How do I win the My Wawa Visit Survey Reward?

The most interesting part of taking the survey is actually winning the sweepstake. In order to win the Sweepstake, ensure you give an honest report. Also, you should have a valid purchase receipt and satisfy the rules and requirements. Click here to take the survey

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