www.txdra.com – How to Join Texans Destination Resort Alliance

www.txdra.com is the official website for Texas Destination Resort Alliance. This group is creating awareness and awakening the spirit of the Texans in the building of their gaming resorts.


The group is seeking statewide support for the amendment of the Texas constitution to allow for new luxury, destination resorts in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and in Dallas-Fort Worth. Also, advocating for casino options at current racing tracks throughout Texas and new gaming projects on federally-recognized Native American reservations.

Texans often visit their neighboring states like New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma spending billions of dollars on their gaming resort every year.


The Texas Destination Resort Alliance coalition movement is asking the legislators to grant them the opportunity to vote yes on a statewide constitutional amendment authorizing the construction of destination resorts in the state major markets.

However, everyone up to the age of 18, can join the coalition to vote for the accomplishment of this agenda. The agenda is for the growth of Texas, to fund schools that educate the next generation.

To create new well pay jobs that would sustain the economy. Bring in resorts that will attract international and out of State tourism, the largest conventions. Also, bringing biggest names in the entertainment world and destination shopping to Texas that will bring benefits to the economy and revitalize communities across Lone Star State.

Texas deserve world-class gaming entertainment and restaurants that are in other states hence the fight.

Benefits of Txdra.com

There are lots of benefits that the Texans Destination Resort Alliance coalition are coming up with including the following:

  • New luxury apartments entertainment options and amenities
  • Thousands of New Construction and Permanent Jobs
  • Funding of Schools and Public Services
  • Unprecedented Levels of Economic Growth

These are the main cardinal benefits the Texans Destination Resort Alliance are agitating for.

How To Join Texans Destination Resort Alliance

To join in this coalition and bring to pass the agenda of this group. Follow these steps to join in the struggle

  • Get to txdra.com
  • On the website scroll down to the middle of the page
  • You will see space to fill your details
  • Your First Name
  • Email address
  • Cell Phone
  • Click on the Red widget “Join the Team” button
  • This will take you to the next page to sign the petition
  • Enter your Zip Code
  • Tap on the big Red widget “Sign the petition” button

These will confirm your successful signing of the petition, to show your support for the expansion of gaming and all it benefits in Texas.

Texan Destination Resort Alliance coalition Contacts

For those members of Texas media group, elected officials, and organization representatives that are interested in the coalition. Or you have a general question about the coalition leave them a note on this page. Fill the form below:

On the main page

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Organization
  • Compose your message on the space
  • Click on the Submit button

With this information, the coalition will get in touch with you.



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