www.usbankrelicacard.com Activate – How to Activate your US Bank RelicaCard Online

www.usabankrelicacard.com – This is the main official website of the US bank, where card users activate their new relicaCard. The Card is a Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit card issued by U.S.Bank.

www.usbankrelicacard.com Activate
www.usbankrelicacard.com Activate

As a new cardholder before you start using the card it must be activated. However, the card activation allows users to manage the card online.

The ReliaCard allows your fund to deposit directly into your card. You can access your fund immediately after depositing your card. To activate your new US Bank RelicaCard continue reading other sections to see.

www.usabankrelicacard.com Activate

The US bank RelicaCard prepaid card activation is not a difficult task. The US bank offers various card activation methods, such as online, over the phone, and in-store. It’s up to the card users to choose the method they preferred.

Furthermore, activating your card online seems to be the most preferred and easy too. In the other sections below, how to activate the card on each of the methods is right there. Simply sticks to the guide on this content to get your card activation.

How to Activate Your US Bank RelicaCard Online

To activate the www.usbankrelicacard.com activated follow the steps here;

  • At to usbankrelicacard.com
  • On the next page, tap on the “Activate Card” widget on the right-hand side of the screen
  • On the card activation page
  • Type in the space with your 16-digit card number
  • Tap on the Continue widget

Let the prompt on the screen guide you to continue the card activation process.

How to Activate Your US Bank Rewards Card On the Phone

If carrying out your card activation over the phone is your choice, then it’s possible.

However, activating your US Bank RelicaCard successfully over the phone does not require charges. Speak with the customer service team to activate your card, check at the back of the card for their contact number.

Furthermore, you can use the US bank prepaid card app to activate your card online. If you do not have the app on your mobile phone, download it at Google Play Store or App Store. Download and Install the app to get the card activation section to activate your Prepaid card.

US Bank RelicaCard Customer Service

The US bank RelicaCard prepaid card customer service team

Get connected with the customer service team of US Bank RelicaCard for any assistance on your card activation.



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