YouTube Creators Can Now Get $10, 000 per Month for Making Shorts


YouTube creators can now get $10, 000 per month for making shorts – If you are a YouTube creator I have got great news for you. The YouTube $100 million shorts fund earlier announced will be launched this month. And if you are a creator on the platform, it is high time you make good of this opportunity.

YouTube Creators Can Now Get $10, 000 per Month for Making Shorts

YouTube Creators Can Now Get $10, 000 per Month for Making Shorts

The platform and company, one of the best video content platforms in the world at the moment if not the best will now be paying its creators up to a whopping $10, 000 monthly for making popular videos. For those of you who don’t know what YouTube shorts is, here it is. YouTube shorts is more like a project launched by YouTube to rival TikTok.

YouTube sorts is more like a direct competitor to TikTok. The company announced that they plan to pay $100 million through the next year. And its first payments will be made this very month.

What This Mean for YouTube Creators

What does this new development mean for YouTube creators? If you are a creator, this is huge as it will serve as an opportunity to earn more cash, a whole lot more. But you should know that the payments aren’t guaranteed. This means that there are some terms and conditions to be met in order to get paid.

In order to earn on the platform, there are factors that need to be in place such as how many people are making and watching shorts on a monthly basis. Also, payouts will depend on the location in which your audience is located. It is that simple.

YouTube will also require you to make original videos to be uploaded on the platform. In other words, re-uploads and videos that are watermarked from other platforms such as Snapchat, reels or TikTok will not be accepted.

In other words, your channel will be disqualified from payments. For the time being, payments are only available in 10 regions all over the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Brazil. There are plans of expanding payments in the near future.


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