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Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service headquartered in India. The restaurant has an app called Zomato App. Currently, it operates in about 24 countries including the US and India. It gives you details about restaurants including the kind of dishes they offer and their prices. With the help I the Zomato App you will be able to review several restaurants, compare their dishes. Not only that, but members can also rate, share, and search for nearby or their favorite restaurant on the platform. The platform has gone so far as to introduce a mobile app for users, which is easier for them to search and find the restaurant they want.

Zomato App

Zomato App

It is one of the most comprehensive restaurant search and discovery app in the world today. It runs perfectly well in India, US, UK and other countries supported countries. With this application you can easily find what you want or the restaurant with the dishes you like. For instance, you traveled for the first time to any of these countries that Zomato runs; you will find it difficult to locate a restaurant that sells the type of food you want. This is one of the reasons this platform was created. You have to visit the app store or play store to install Zomato App on your device.

Zomato App Features

In the Zomato app you will find the homepage, Restaurant page and search page. These are the most important aspect of the app. Thus these features has been redesign, we will be looking at what you can do by accessing this app features.


The homepage has a click-based model that lets you rotate ads all over different platforms in import categories and locations.

It showcases collections on the platform for individuals without any idea of what they want. By visiting the homepage they would be able to scroll through the already displayed dish collections. Users can also share their experience using a photo or in the form of review with the quick action button at Zomato app homepage.

Search Result Page

This page lets you browse for the restaurant you want and also get the food of your choice. After finding what you want, the next thing is to order for it.

The Restaurant Page

On this page, users can make use of the image stroller to see how the food will be, this helps in validating the place. Thus, users can also rate restaurants in other to choose the best or affordable place to buy food. With the help of tabs like maps, menu, reviews, and photos you can easily decide on the restaurant you want to visit.

Download Zomato App

Have you heard about this restaurant search and discovery website (Zomato) and you don’t know how to get the app? If you are in this category, follow the steps below to download the application.

To get the application on your smartphone or a device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod, visit the app store, browse for the app and then download and install it.

To get it on Android devices, visit the play store search for the app, click on the install tab to download and install it on your device.


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