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Zomato for business lets restaurant owners to bring their business online. Every restaurant owner who wants to promote their business should consider partnering with Zomato. Thus the platform will help you reach millions of customers online. Zomato is the best place for restaurants to improve and promote their market; also, it helps to build up their database.

Zomato for Business


Zomato for Business

Access the Zomato merchant platform to move your business to the next level. All you need is to register your restaurant on this platform. It serves as a partnership, that I partnering with Zomato in other to boost your sales. The website helps to display your restaurant when people staying close to your restaurant are searching for where to order something from it.

Features of the Zomato for Business Application

It’s a free application that lets you manage your listing right from your mobile device. The application makes it very easy for you to manage your restaurant.

Business owners can post their special menu to enable customers to know the kind of food they want and its price. Thus they can also promote the event they are hosting on their platform.

How to Get Started with the Zomato for Business Application

To start using the business app, you must claim your listing. Download the application and log in using the data you used to claim your listing, finally, you can start managing your restaurant.

That is all you need to do to get start.

How to Download the Zomato for Business Application

To download this business app on your iOS or Android devices without visiting your device browser, simply open the google play store/Apple app store. Go to the browser with the app marketplace and search for the application, click on the install or Get tab to install the app on your smartphone.

  • Visit their official page at Zomato Business App.
  • Right on their main page, scroll down a little and you will see two boxes. One says “download on the app store” while the other says “Get it on Google play”. These tabs are right in the middle of the page. To get it on Android, select the Google play link. To install the application on any of the iOS devices, click on the “app store” tab.

Follow the prompts to complete your downloading.

How to login the Zomato for Business

  • the login process for Zomato for Business is not complicated here are the steps below.
  • First launch your web browser 
  • once your browser is open enter the URL of the site on the search bar. www.zomato.com/partner-with-us
  • Click on the login icon at the top right of the page.
  • Then enter your login credentials and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Frequently Ask Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Zomato for Business

How does zomato business model work?

zomato business model works. While users make payment for the delivery fee, Zomato business earns through restaurants that pay a commission for each delivery, which is divided among the delivery partner and the company. The commission is based on the restaurants if Zomato is fulfilling the delivery or the restaurants are using their own riders.

How does zomato earn money?

Zomato earns money through charges commissions from restaurant partners for listing on their app and also for delivering food. Delivery charges are paid by users, it is passed down to the delivery partner. The customer has to pay for the packaging charges on select orders, which are passed through to the restaurant partners

Does Zomato charge for listing?

Zomato doesn’t charge for listing. There is no fee for getting your listing running up in zomato, they only charge you for a commission on the sales they generate for you. The commission rate is 15 – 22% + GST.


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