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Moya Messenger – Why Moya Messenger one of the Best Messaging App


Moya Messenger was launched in July 2018. The new messenger app is a messaging app that allows users to communicate without spending much. The App was developed by biNu in South Africa and it provides free data for text messaging. When mobile user does not have a data balance, they can use this app for free. The messenger has billing agreements with MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, and Telkom. but has built this technology so that its users can send free text messages when they have no airtime or data balance on their device.

Moya Messenger

Moya Messenger

Wechat struggled to gain a foothold in South Africa. Do you why this happened? It happened because the effect of WhatsApp proved too competitive for Wechat. Despite a multi-million dollar marketing budget, Wechat could not take his place on Africa. With Moya, you can now see that the data cost barrier of mobile messaging is removed completely from South Africa. Consumers. Moya has helped a lot because it has decreased the amount of pressure on the salary of consumers.

Why Moya Messenger one of the Best Messaging App

What makes Moya messenger the best is that it is an all-in-one application. Users can not only send messages but they can also read the news, browse Wikipedia, Search for jobs, live scores, check the weather, and many more.

All these activities can take place even if you do not have a data balance. You are advised to download the app now and start enjoying yourself. Sending photos and videos might incur data charges.

Features Of the Moya Messenger App

This app can be used in any corner of the world. But if Nigerian and South Africa are included data charges may apply. The App does not consume data like other Apps like WhatsApp. All you have to do Is make sure that you have a reliable data connection and you are good to go. Your current balance will not be touched. It has different types of features that are loved by many people. Below are some features possessed by the Moya Messenger App.

  • Discover More.
  • End-to-end security.
  • Voice Note.
  • Group chat.
  • Unlimited text.
  • Always logged in.
  • Find contacts.
  • Offline messaging.

Those few features above are the features available on the Moya Messenger App. With these features, operating on the app will be very easy for you.

How to Get Moya Messenger on your Android Device

Moya Messenger app can be used on all android devices. Moya Messenger works perfectly on mobile phones like Samsung and Huawei in South Africa or even outside the country. Downloading the app is very simple and easy. Follow the steps provided for you below to easily download Moya Messenger to your android device.

Installation from Other Sources

Those steps above will help you download and install the Moya Messenger app on your android device. You can download the app from the google play store on the web using the URL https://play.google.com/.


The Moya Messenger is recommended for anyone looking for a free messaging application. Moya is the best answer for everyone. It is also available on PC. If you start using Moya messenger, you will never regret making that decision.

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10 Unbelievable Weird and Unique Hotels that will Blow Your Mind – Unusual Hotels in the World


talking about 10 Unbelievable Weird and Unique Hotels that will Blow Your Mind, what is your idea of a hotel whenever you travel? Do you just go for any place, as long as there is a bed to pass the night and water to bath the next day? Well for regular travelers they just search for an affordable, clean, and safe hotel to stay. Some spend most of the night outside instead of the hotel room.

10 Unbelievable Weird and Unique Hotels that will Blow Your Mind

10 Unbelievable Weird and Unique Hotels that will Blow Your Mind

However, imagine you have the opportunity to stay in an unbelievable, weird, and unique hotel that brings an unforgettable experience, would you try it? Imagine staying in a hotel that you fly around the earth in space, or underwater with fishes, octopus, and corals next to you. Sleeping on the bed that feels like floating in the air, or even living in the hotel room that made of ice? Wow! Doesn’t this sound so out of this world? In this article, you will see 10 Unbelievable, Weird, and Unique Hotels that will blow your mind.

Unusual Hotels in the World

Below, you are finally going to learn 10 Unbelievable, Weird and Unique Hotels that will Blow Your Mind. You should pay attention as it will help you understand all that will be discussed.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is located in Fuji. Fuji is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located in the east close to Australia to New Zealand.

However, if you love to travel and ocean lover, seeing beautiful blue, yellow color of the ocean than Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. At the Poseidon Undersea Resort gives you that exclusive service in the amazing resorts where you stay and sleep underwater and enjoy panoramic views of the deep sea. The memories afterward will keep you coming back to this resort.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in Finland capital of Helsinki in Europe. This resort offers excellent accommodation in glass igloos and it has the world’s largest smoke sauna. The igloos are made of thermal glass keeping guests warm in arctic conditions while you enjoy the beautiful serene of the Saariselka Fell area of Finnish Lapland.

Attrap Reves

Have you ever imagine sleeping inside a bubble? Or ever dreamed of sleeping inside a bubble? Take a trip to France and check in to the Attrap Reves hotel in France. This Unique hotel in France consists of habitable transparent bubble domes and was built with recycled materials. Each bubble gives you panoramic views of the surrounding nature of Allauch.

One by the Five 

Do you love waking up in a cozy environment, having a magical experience that will blow your mind all day long? Then you should try the “One by the Five” hotel in Paris, France. This Unique hotel in Paris gives you this magical experience to those who like something unusually beautiful. The most impressive design in the hotel room will be the bed that is floating in the air. The bed is attached to the wall instead of the floor.

Palacio de Sal

This is a hotel built of salt blocks. It is located at the edge of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. The first hotel was in 1993-1995 out of salt blocks in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni. The Palacio de Sal is a unique hotel with salted blocks walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture including the tables, chairs, beds, and sculptures are made of salt. It is located in the port of Colchani. It is 25 km from the city of Uyuni. The hotel has a rule and slogan “Don’t Lick the Walls of Salt Hotel.

The Grand Canyon Caverns, USA

The Grand Canyon Caverns is an underground Cave Suite. It is one of the largest, darkest, quietest motel rooms in the world. It’s the Deepest with 220 feet below the surface of the earth. It’s as old as the Caverns and wall s are over 65 million years. Imagine spending a night in this hotel. It’s something out of this world.

The Crane Hotel

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like spending your night in an industrial dockside crane, here’s a unique hotel in Harlingen, the Netherlands. The hotel rooms are spacious, but it allows tourists to operate the giant crane and spin 360 degrees for incredible views of their surroundings. The hotel is located in the Seaside town of Harlingen, just an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht

The Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht is designed in the image of a cruise ship, known with the Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Class. The hotel is located in Jeongdongjin on the east coast of South Korea. The hotel has a tall and overlooks of a beach resort. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is built on top of a large cliff, the hotel looks out over the sea and leaves this impression that a cruise ship has run aground.

However, it offers exclusive premium accommodation, Mediterranean and Korean tastings, and a rotating luxury sky lounge. The hotel has 211 rooms, six restaurants serving Korean and European food, and a rotating bar on the top floor. Also, there are sporting facilities include a volleyball court, and fitness club, and a netted golf range. Where would you rather spend a holiday than in this weird and Unique Hotel that will blow your mind?

Das Park Hotel

This special and Unique Das Park Hotel has been constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes and are set in the city of Ottensheim (Austria), and at a new location in the Bernepark near Essen (Germany). To enjoy rooms in pipe is so weird, well to have that unique experience bist Das Park hotel in Austria.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

The Propeller Island City Lodge in Germany is one of the weirdest places to be. Propeller Island City Lodge is designed to be a place of living in a work of art. It has 30 rooms with absolutely unique and personal ambiance. All rooms and objects are created by a German artist Lars Strohschein.

Furthermore, here are the rooms’ examples. Some of them are more outrageous, but there is a great variety from fun through funky, to fetish. There an upside-down room, the Mirror Room, Prison Cell, two Lions: sleeping in a cage, coffin room. These rooms are absolutely weird.


The hotels enumerated above are really unbelievable, Weird and Unique Hotel that will blow your mind. You will have a memorable experience that will linger for years after your visit to these hotels.

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www.starz.com/activate TV Provider – How to Subscribe to Starz


www.starz.com/activate TV Provider is the portal to activate your device. Starz is a subsidiary of Lions Gate Entertainment. Starz is a premium cable, it functions as a network satellite television.

www.starz.com/activate TV Provider
www.starz.com/activate TV Provider

However, if you subscribe and become a member, you will be watching your favorite videos. To start using your device, you will need to activate it. To activate will take just a few minutes.

www.starz.com/activate TV Provider

On the Starz platform, you can enjoy lots of videos, including movies and tv shows series. You will get high-quality pictures as Lion gate is one of the top-rated movie production companies

To activate Starz.com is very easy, all it requires is a television and the app.

It’s compatible with Android, Apple, and Chromecast. Starz can be activated on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Firestick and Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Xbox

How to Subscribe To Starz

To watch your favorite movies on Starz, you will have to subscribe. Follow these steps to subscribe to the channel and get a premium plan

  • Get to starz.com using your computer or Mobile phone
  • Tab on the Free trial widget
  • Enter your Email address and password
  • Tap on the Claim offer widget
  • This will take you to a new page to enter your payment info
  • Choose your Payment methods are two credit cards or PayPal
  • Next, enter your  First Name and Last name
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Card expiration month and date, CVV,
  • Zipcode
  • Read through the term of use and Privacy policy
  • Click on the Subscribe Red button

When you Subscribe you get to watch the new season of Outlander and the new Starz original series. Plus other hit series and thousands of movies at a new low price. Subscription fee $2.99/month for 6 months promo applied. $.99/month after the promo period.

How To Activate Starz With other Devices

You can activate your Starz on other devices like Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Smart TV, Xbox, and others.

Smart TV

  • Get to App Store or Google Play Store to get Starz App
  • Search and download and install the app on your mobile device
  • Log in to the app
  • Enter your username and password
  • Get to starz.com/activate
  • You will receive an activation code on a smart TV screen
  • Enter the code
  • Tap on the Submit button

On Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime, FireStick

  • Put on your TV set and Amazon Fire TV
  • On the homepage of your mobile device
  • Open your Starz app and add it to your Fire TV
  • Log in to your Starz account online
  • Get to the activation page https://auth.starz.com
  • Enter the activation code on the screen
  • Tap on the submit button

Starz app allows you to access your favorite movies from Lion gate productions. Get to stream and watch series that are both old and new with your favorite star actors and actresses.


www.southwestcardanniversary.com – Southwest Airlines Priority Card

www.southwestcardanniversary.com is the South West Credit Card anniversary bonus platform. This credit card is a co-branded credit card issued by Chase Bank. It’s an airline credit card that allows cardholders to earn points for each dollar spent on airfare or on daily purchases.


Also, cardholders enjoy benefits like two Early Bird Check-Ins with the airline every year. Get about 25% back on in-flight purchases and an anniversary bonus every year if the card is renewed. Continue ready as this content will guide and explain more.


The credit card drops perks on every account each year, the very reasons why most customer keeps the card. The South West Airlines credit cards offer various kinds of recurring perks and benefits that can take care of annual fees when checked

Every year the South West has it has a tradition to issue out quite a number of anniversary points based on the type of Southwest credit card they handle. Bonuses vary from 3,000 points to 9000 points.

By anniversary bonus or means right from the date of your account opening, 12 months each year as long as you keep renewing the card. To enjoy the South West Credit Card anniversary bonus if you do not have an existing account, then you need to apply for the card.

Annual Rewards

Types of Southwest Airlines Credit Card

  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus card
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier card
  • Southwest Airlines Priority Card
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business card
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card

Take note the longer your credit card stays active the more bonus you attract.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier card

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Annual fee $99
  • Anniversary points 6,000
  • Get to earn 1,500 Tier-quality points for each $10,000 when you make purchases up to 15,000 tier qualifying points each calendar year

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business card

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Annual fee $99
  • Anniversary points 6,000
  • Get to earn 1500 Tier-quality points for each $10,000 when you make purchases up to 15,000 tier qualifying points each calendar year

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus card

  • Annual fee of $69
  • Anniversary bonus 3,000
  • No foreign transaction fee

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card

  • Annual fee $199
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Anniversary bonus 9,000
  • 4 upgrades per year
  • In-flight WiFi credit
  • Best sign up bonus 80,000 rapid rewards
  • Earn 1500 tier-qualifying points for every $10,000 in purchase
  • 15,000 tier-qualifying points each calendar year.

Southwest Airlines Priority Card

  • Annual fee $149 on first billing statements
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • 20% back on in-flight drinks, movies, WiFi,
  • Anniversary bonus 7,500
  • Southwest annual travel credit
  • Four upgrades boarding each year when available
  • Bonus spending – 2x Rapid Rewards on Southwest purchases, 2x Rapid Rewards on hotel and car rental partner purchases, 1x Rapid Rewards on all purchases.

The Southwest Airlines anniversary bonus comes each year and if you have hold the card up to 12 months each year.


Corsair HS55 Stereo Review – Corsair HS55 Stereo Specifications


If you love games, or you are a pro gamer, then you should love this game. The Corsair HS55 Stereo is a very impressive headset for gamers. Although it comes at a premium price, it is a high-performance headset that you can use online with your friends.

Corsair HS55 Stereo review
Corsair HS55 Stereo review

Corsair HS55 Stereo review

The $59 HS55 Stereo(opens in new tab) headset is physically and materially very similar to the $50 HS50 when it comes to its tech specs: This headset is powered by 50mm drivers capable of delivering a 20–20,000Hz range of frequency response, and the microphone of this headset appears as a good match too. However, there are a few differences that might make you want to consider choosing the HS55.

Note: there are also HS55 headphones you can get with some little more cash, but this review solely focuses on the cheaper Stereo version of the HS55.

Here are the pros and cons of this headset.


  • It has a very good audio quality.
  • This device has an excellent microphone.
  • It is very comfortable


  • The cable and mic of this device are not detachable.
  • The low-end response of this headset is very heavy
  • Competitors might have cheaper prices

Despite the high price, anyone who uses this headset will agree that it is fit for the price.

Corsair HS55 Stereo Specifications

Before going into details about the various features of this amazing headset, this is a summary of the features below.

  • Type of headset: Dynamic, closed-back
  • Frequency response of the headset – 20–20,000Hz
  • Headset drivers: 50mm
  • Headset Nominal impedance 32Ω
  • Connectivity of the headset: 3.5mm jack
  • Weight of the headset: 284g
  • Price: $59| £49| €60

Now, here are the details below.

Corsair HS55 Stereo – features

The Corsaire headset is a very good headset for its price. This headset is a solid, no-frills device that provides a very clear audio response through its 50mm Neodymium drivers.

The microphone of this headset has an omni-directional polar pattern that allows for excellent voice capturing. The audio and microphone of the headset were tested very well in a variety of uses, like online games (like Counter-Strike), and voice chat (such as Zoom). This makes it very versatile.

This amazing headset is compatible with a whole lot of devices, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and even smartphones. The frequency response of the headset ranges between 20Hz and 20 kHz, while the microphone’s frequency response ranges between 100Hz and 10kHz.

A lot of attention was invested in the building of this headset. It’s one of the most comfortable wired headsets according to various tests tried and it was constructed from a high-quality material which makes it very durable. The earpads of this headset combine memory foam leatherette material together, and it sits securely over the user’s ears without being noticeable.

The Corsaire HS55 sterio headset comes with its adapter splitter dividing a “3 ring” balanced audio/mic signal (this is the standard on modern gaming headsets) into two separate audio/speaker and microphone 3.5mm input jacks meant for use on older computers.

With all these features, the Corsair HS55 Stereo is one of the best PC gaming headsets for this particular price, even at this, the price is still on the high side. This means that you can find a similar headset for a cheaper price.

With the HS55 headset, You’re getting a comfier and lighter headset compared to the HS50, and ultimately it’s worth the slight increase in price for those improvements. The HS55 even feels a little cheaper than the HS50, however, having more of a plasticky feel to it. Thankfully it still feels a lot more robust and is clearly well put together nonetheless.

But Corsair’s own HS50 is not the only competition for this headset. These headsets include Razer’s Kraken, and BlackShark V2 X cans, which both make for a good competition and HyperX can be found selling a few models for about the same price. This also includes the Cloud II

How much is Corsair HS55 Stereo?

The Corsair HS55 Stereo costs $59 /£49 /AU$89

MSRP costs about $59 /£49 /AU$89.

When can you get it?

The Corsair HS55 Stereo is available for sale right now and you can get it in the US, UK, and even Australia.

If you love games really much, then this headset is the best for you.


How to Use Google Hangout – How to Use Google Hangouts on your iPhone or Android


Learning How to Use Google Hangout is simple. You can use Google Hangouts on Your iPhone And Android to send messages, make voice and video calls. Google Hangouts is an app for chat and it is part of Google G Suite. But can be downloaded by iPhone and Android. This article is for enlightening users on how to use Google Hangouts on both iPhone and Android. You can make voice and video calls with Google Hangout so do not be left out.

How to Use Google Hangout

How to Use Google Hangout

As I earlier mentioned, Google Hangouts is a chat app that is an integral part of Google’s G Suite. You can use this app to communicate with as many up to 150 persons at a time or create a video call with about 10 individuals. To begin, you will have to ensure that you install the Google Hangouts app and from the App Store and log in with your Google account.

How to Use Google Hangouts on your iPhone

To start using Google Hangouts on Your iPhone, here are the steps to follow;

  • First, download and install the app from the App Store if you do not have the app on your phone.
  • Launch the Google Hangouts app.
  • Click the contacts widget at the button left side of the page.
  • Click on the name in your contacts list whom you want to chat with. If the person is not part of your contacts, key in their email address in the search box at the top of the screen.
  • Next, click on the “Done”.
  • Then tap their email addresses.
  • From the pop up menu, select how you want to communicate with a text message, video call, or voice call.
  • Once  you start chatting with a contact, you can add extra people
  • Click the menu at the top of the screen by the right.
  • Then in the pop up, click on the “create new group”.
  • Add additional people to the group from your contacts list and then click the checkmark at the top right of the screen.

For new users, that is how to use Google Hangout.

How to Use Google Hangouts on your Android

Above is how to use Google Hangout on your android device.

  • Open the Google Hangouts app.
  • Click on the “Plus” sign.
  • Select the contacts you want to invite to your Hangouts. You will have to sort your contact into groups, you can choose a group.
  • In the screen that opens, click on the video icon at the top of the screen and intimate a one on one or group video call.
  • Click the phone receiver icon to start a voice call.
  • Send a message from the button of the screen. Use emojis in the same way as you can just like texting app. Messages are sent and receive instantly between groups or two users.
  • For those participating in a video chat, they can use their headphones or earbuds to aid in reducing echo. Speak clearly into the microphone so everyone can hear you.

How to Create a Google Hangout Group Chat on iPhone

You can use the Start Hangouts button which is the green button with the plus sign inside it to create a group conversation quickly.

Above is how you can create a Google Hangout group chat.

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Office 365 Security – Office 365 Security Levels


Office 365 security by user count is now the most popular enterprise cloud service. This mandates Office 365 Security as studies keep showing that concerns about security are the single greatest barrier holding back cloud adoption. Office 365 Security has become imperative as 17.1% of files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online contain sensitive information. This information includes payment card numbers, social security numbers, business plans, financial records, and user passwords.

Office 365 Security

Office 365 Security

Data security in the cloud has always been one of the biggest concerns for IT departments. It is a major concern for users who want to take advantage of cloud computing.

In the case of Office 365, enterprises are eager to know the location of their data. They want to know whether or not they are being compliant with regional laws and regulations. Also, they want to know if the security controls are in line with what they can achieve with their on-premises infrastructure.

On the other hand, the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation will introduce extensive requirements. These requirements are available for any organization doing business in Europe. They have pinpointed different standards of data security thus, owing to the fact that Microsoft may be compelled to produce data. This data will be produced under court order in other jurisdictions like the United States. They can violate EU data protection laws, some enterprises may be needing additional security features to supplement Office 365.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, Microsoft has raised the security bar higher by investing significant resources in building its security stack. It has also partnered with third-party security vendors to offer additional layers of security to better accommodate organizations with more complex requirements.

Office 365 Security Levels

The service-level built into Office 365 has been broken down into physical, logical, and data layers. Microsoft has built capabilities into Office 365 without needing and customization or third-party vendors which are extensive and extend beyond the security controls enterprises can support applications running in their own data centers. Enterprise-grade cloud applications like Office 365 leverage on pooled security resources delivered by a company whose core competency requires maintaining high availability and security for these applications.

Physical Layer

This is security for the physical access of the data. Microsoft stores its customer’s data in data centers distributed geographically, restricts access to data centers job function, and utilizes physical security measures like badges, smart cards, biometric scanners, motion sensors, security officers, video surveillance and two-factor authentication.

For the network level, Microsoft only enables connections on the condition that they are very necessary for the systems to operate and blocks other ports, protocols, and connections. Tiered Access Control Lists and firewall rules put security restrictions on communication protocols as well as port numbers. These are also security features that detect intrusions as well as vulnerabilities at the network layer.

Logical Layer

Here, Microsoft employs a “Security Development Lifecycle” procedure to make sure every stage of Office 365 development conforms to security best practices and also ensures that it’s cloud services stays secure with each new release.

To safeguard data from malicious applications, Microsoft employs anti-malware software. They do this by both detecting and preventing such software from accessing the systems to forestall additional damage. Also, they perform regular updates, hotfixes, and patches.

Date Layer – Data

Office 365 is designed as a multi-tenant service, which implies that multiple customers use some of the same hardware resources. This is one of the primary benefits of cloud computing that facilitates lower operating costs. Microsoft isolates co-tenant data via Active Directory and posses other features specially designed to secure multi-tenant environments.

Microsoft has factored in encryption features for Office 365 that adheres to industry cryptographic standards like SSL/TLS, AES, etc. Customer-facing servers make use of more secure sessions using SSL/TLS to have data secured in transit. Microsoft also makes use of BitLocker to encrypt data at rest. The BitLocker comes in handy. This is as it is integrated with the operating system to safeguard the data. It helps safeguard data in case it is lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned.

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CBS San Francisco – CBS San Francisco News Coverage


Explore San Francisco news, sports, weather, business from KPIX-TV station. With CBS San Francisco, you can get all the updates and local news tends, including updates on entertainment, politics in San Francisco, California, United States of America.

CBS San Francisco

CBS San Francisco

Access CBS news in San Francisco via KPIX 5 TV station. The KPIX TV station is operated and owned by CBS, the station was licensed to San Francisco, California, US.

The TV station covers a whole lot of information on happenings in San Francisco, including news on sports, business, politics, weather and more.

CBS San Francisco News Coverage

Below are some of the news coverage of this platform. They are the new reports you can find on the platform.


With this app, you can find the latest news on sports in San Francisco. Access breaking news and information for the San Francisco 49ers, scores, stats, and highlights.


Find the latest Chicago politics news, headlines, stories, photos and videos. To get news updates on politics, visit www.sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com on their homepage, find the “politics” tab at the top of the page.


The business section of the news station provides every business and economic update in Chicago. So to learn about the economy and business in Chicago,  visit their main page or download the local app.


For entertainment news updates in Chicago ,the CBS news in platform and app will go a long way in providing information on entertainment and your favorite celebrities.

CBS San Francisco Live Stream

Stream CBS news live at sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com or download CBS local app on your smartphone. Yes, with your smartphone you can access CBSN Bay Area live broadcast.

CBS Local App for Android

Are to an android phone user, a resident of San Francisco, California, United States and you want to get your local news update through the CBS mobile app?

After getting the app, Open the application and then select your city, to enable you to access trending news updates on the selected city.

CBS Local App for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, to get the CBS local news app is very easy.

Launch the local app and set up your city. By selecting your city in the appropriate column.

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