Teaching Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

There are teaching jobs in USA with visa sponsorship to apply for. If you are a teacher and are good at what you do, here is an opportunity. Plus, the pay is really high.

I mean, it is not a new thing that teachers have been proven to have higher pay than some professions in the United States. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about getting a teaching job in USA with visa sponsorship.

Getting a visa sponsorship to work in the United States as a teacher is an opportunity to skyrocket your paycheck. The chances of getting teaching jobs in the States are not exactly high, but it is possible. We have outlined everything you should know if you wish to apply for a teaching job in the States.

Teaching Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Who Is A Teacher?

Teaching, also known as an educator, is not an easy job. A teacher is someone who is responsible for preparing ng lesson plans and educating students at every level.

As a teacher, your duties include assigning homework, grading tests, and documenting projects. Teachers must be able to instruct in a variety of subjects and reach students with engaging lesson plans.

Teachers are responsible for cultivating the student’s interest in education and assignments, evaluating their progress, and planning educational activities. Working as a teacher comes with some serious responsibilities, which will be stated below.

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Gatekeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – The average salary rate ranges from $42, 696 to $60,000.

Chefs Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – The average salary rate ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 

Cleaning Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship – The average salary rate ranges from $25,000 to $55, 000

Accounting Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – The average salary rate ranges from $50,000 to $100,000.

Home Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – The average salary rate ranges from $25,350 to $86,759

Types Of Teaching Jobs In USA

Here are some popular teaching careers;

Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant’s duties include taking attendance, grading tests and homework, preparing materials, monitoring students’ behaviours, and providing instructional support as needed by the class teacher.

Average Salary: $26,595 per year

Substitute Teacher

As a substitute teacher, your duties include managing a classroom when the teacher is absent, teaching based on lesson plans, taking attendance, explaining homework, and performing other teacher duties. This is more like a part-time or short-term position.

Average Salary: $30,795 per year

Adult Education Teacher

If this is your field, your duties include helping students prepare for GED exams, creating lesson plans, and teaching subjects such as math, English, and science. Also, you communicate with agencies and programs, grade assignments, interact with program coordinators, tutor students, and evaluate performance.

Average Salary: $29,250 per hour.

Preschool teacher

As a preschool teacher, your duties include developing creative programs such as storytelling, media, and education play, improving children’s competence, constructing curriculum, ensuring safety, etc. Being a preschool teacher is about taking care of and supervising the children in your care.

Average Salary: $39,743 per year.

Elementary School Teacher

Duties include creating lesson plans, attending staff meetings, supervising students throughout the day, preparing for and providing daily lessons, creating and submitting reports, etc.

Average Salary: $64,429 per year.

High School Teacher

If you are a high school teacher, your duties include developing a curriculum, creating fewer plans, evaluating students and their strengths and weaknesses, grading their activities, monitoring students’ progress, communicating with parents, and many others.

Average Salary: $47,172 per year.

College Professor

It is your duty as a college professor to create a course curriculum and prepare and distribute course syllabi. You have to teach and mentor students, present lectures, grade papers, assignments, tests, etc. A teaching job comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties.

Average Salary: $55,343 per year.

The average salary varies, however, depending on location, subject taught, and experience you have.

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Responsibilities Of A Teacher In USA

As a teacher, you will be tasked with the following;

  • Supervising classes to ensure that all the students are learning in a safe and productive environment.
  • Developing and issuing educational content such as assignments, notes, and tests.
  • It is your responsibility to plan and implement educational activities and events for students to engage in.
  • Organizing supplies and resources for lectures and presentations.
  • Encouraging interactive learning by offering personalized instruction to each one.
  • Making sure the classroom is orderly and neat.
  • Preparing and distributing periodic progress reports and semester report cards.
  • You have to attend PTA meetings.
  • It is your duty to evaluate and document students’ progress.
  • Grading homework, assignments, and tests.

Above are the major roles and responsibilities of a teaching job.

Skills And Requirements For Teaching Jobs

You need the following requirements and skills if you wish to become a successful teacher working in the US with visa sponsorship;

  • A bachelor’s degree in teaching or a relevant field.
  • A minimum of two years of teaching experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of teaching methods and legal educational procedures.
  • Great written and verbal communication skills.
  • Well, organization skills.
  • Excellent leadership abilities.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills.

Benefits Of Teaching Jobs In USA With Sponsorship

If you are opportune to get a teaching job in the States, below are some of the benefits you’d have access to;

  • High paycheck.
  • Visa sponsorship.
  • Dental Insurance
  • Green card sponsorship
  • Referral program
  • Health insurance.

Honestly, there are plenty more, but those are the major benefits you get as a teacher in the United States.

Where To Find Teaching Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

If you are looking to apply for teaching jobs in the States with sponsorship, these are some of the platforms to check out;

How To Apply For Teaching Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Follow the guidelines below to apply for teaching jobs in the United States;

  • Before applying for a job, ensure you have all the skills and requirements needed for your desired role. Plus, documents such as a CV and cover letter.
  • Once you are ready with all the documents, visit any of the platforms mentioned above.
  • Use the search engines on the platforms and type Teaching Jobs in USA.
  • From the results, select the company or individual you would love to work with/for.
  • Then, follow the application instructions on the screen to complete.

After applying for the role, you just have to wait for the company to contact you.

Work Visa For Teaching Jobs In USA

Since you are getting a visa sponsorship, you won’t be doing much. However, once you have gotten your employment letter and contract, you have to apply for a visa.

The best kind of visa to apply for this career path in the States is the H-1B. As a matter of fact, it is the best visa type for foreigners who want to move to the United States to reside and work for a short period.

H-1B is a temporary work visa that allows employers in the United States to hire well-qualified workers for speciality jobs.

Some Interview Questions To Expect When Apply For Teacher Jobs

When applying for a role as a teacher, these are some of the interview questions to look out for;

  • Can you describe your classroom management structure?
  • You have to inform parents that their child is failing a class. How would you communicate it to them?
  • Which visual and audio materials would you use for a present? Why choose them?
  • How would you resolve an issue between two students?
  • What is your strategy for teaching new information?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What cities are hiring for Visa Sponsorship Teaching jobs?

These are some of the countries with the most teaching jobs opening;

  • Los Angeles
  • Kissimmee
  • Pittsburgh
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • San Bernardino
  • Houston
  • Brooklyn
  • Jersey City
  • Bronx

What visa sponsors teachers in USA?

H-1B is the best visa type for a teacher who is planning to move to the USA to apply for. This visa offers foreign professionals the ability to work temporarily in the States.

Can I get a teaching job in USA as a foreigner?

Absolutely! You can get a teaching job in the United States if you meet all the requirements.

Who can sponsor me for a job in USA?

Before applying for a work visa in the USA, you should have a job offer from a legal US employer who is ready to sponsor you.

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