How To Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Teenager

Looking for how to make money online in Nigeria as a teenager? What can I do as a teen? Well, there are many ways to make money online, even as a teenager. Undoubtedly, the world is rapidly changing, and the youths face an uncertain future.

Yes, they go to school, but schools only prepare them for so much to undertake the economic function of a family in several ways. And today, young people are adding valuable real-world skills to their interests. Many are making money, while others are being told to stop wasting their time.

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Teenager

Teens are making money these days with the skills they have. Plus, there are some great online methods for teenagers to make money. This article will share some of the best ways to make money online as a teen in Nigeria. It is important to prepare for the unknown future. Also, these jobs can be done online, from home.

Can I Start A Business As A Teenager?

Yes, you can. The world has grown past the time when there are no opportunities for teens. Teens these days have an entrepreneurial spirit, and many have technical skills. With these skills, teenagers are finding success in starting their businesses online. As a teen, you can launch an online store or even start a blog.

Online Work Ideas for Teenagers

It is important to catch them young. Plus, starting an online job as a teen is an excellent way for teens to build real-life skills and learn what it means/takes to be an entrepreneur. With that said, here is how to make money online in Nigeria as a teenager;

1. Logo Designer

Becoming a logo designer is not a hard option at all. Plus, you don’t need to be a talented artist to draw. As a logo designer, you get to work with companies or individuals and create logos for them. Also, if you have friends who are starting businesses, you can volunteer to draw their logos. YouTube is a great place to get ideas and resources on how to start.

2. Sell Handmade Goods Online

Got a creative side that you’ve been hiding? Please don’t hide it. Having and using your creative skills opens you to a world of opportunity. Plus, you can start your own handmade business. What can you do? Can you sew using your patterns? Do you bake? Design pieces of jewellery? If yes, well, then there’s a reminder for you to stop hiding. 

You can showcase your handwork on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or better still an e-commerce website like Etsy. By showing your goods, you get to meet people who will be interested in making a purchase. Plus, you can ask your friends and family to recommend you to individuals who may be interested in buying from you.

3. Record Reviews For YouTube

This is a way to make online for performative kids with a strong interest in gaming or photography. There are social media platforms where you can showcase your skills and build a following. You can create a YouTube Channel and upload video reviews, demos, or unboxing. Eventually, you can monetize it and start earning. Now, isn’t that interesting?

4. Design Websites

Do you excel in digital arts or coding? Well, you’re on the right. You can design websites and online stores right from your comfort. As a teen with web and online store designing skills, you can offer services to design sites from scratch.

5. Social Media Manager Influencer

Today, many teens make better use of social media platforms than adults, thus helping them build an audience or following, share their ideas, and create content that is engaging. Using the right strategy, teens can make something good for themselves in the industry. As an influencer, you can connect with brands. Your work is to make their products and services known on your social media accounts. Sounds easy, right?

6. Tech Support Business

Tech support businesses and other great online money-making ideas for teenagers. It is a way to combine technical know-how with customer service experience. As a teen working in this field, you will be tasked with helping clients troubleshoot their computers and other smart gadgets. If you’re tech-savvy or know a teen that’s tech-savvy, this is a highly recommended means.

7. Music Lessons

As a teen with skill musical skills, you can start your own business online by giving lessons to others who need them. You get to do what you love and make money from it. Additionally, it is a great way for teens to develop valuable skills like organization, communication, teamwork, and leadership.

8. Art Work

Got a talent for drawing or other artistic work? Well, what are you waiting for? Please start and put yourself out there. Create a social account dedicated to displaying and showcasing your work. Talk about what you do with friends, family, and acquaintances. Plus, you can ask them to recommend you to people interested in buying your art.

9. Playing Video Games

Do you love playing video games? How good are you? Well, do you know you can stream them online? As a teen with a passion for playing video games, you can turn your passion into a profitable business. Twitch is one of the platforms to stream your games. You can stream and offer advice and tips to others. Also, you can make money creating video content related to the game.

Quick Business Tips For Teens

Here are some of the DOs and Don’ts for teens starting an online business;

  • Do: Set boundaries. I understand the excitement of actually doing something that will bring you money, but it is important to set boundaries. By so doing, you won’t slack on your school work, and you will earn well.
  • Do: Hold yourself accountable for errors or mistakes. Accountability is an important trait to have if you’re starting a business.
  • Don’t doubt yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Keep in mind your mind that mistakes are bound to happen, and you’re still in a learning process.
  • Do: Take risks. If you want to make something of yourself, you need a strong mindset. “ I definitely think you have to have a strong mindset”, says 19-year-old Mateo Galvez, who is the founder of LOTTA WORLDWIDE.
  • Don’t overcommit as a teen starting. It is important to know the skills you can offer and pick an idea that works within your current availability.

Finally, it is essential to have fun while doing what you love. Make sure you pick a business that brings you joy, not Stress.


There is how to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria. Before starting an online business to make money as a teenager, make sure to research the market, reach out to people, and seek support. You don’t have to hold yourself; you’re not too young to do what you love and earn money.

Find that great idea that you’re passionate about, and explore it. So many people are out there waiting to see what you have to offer. What are your thoughts about this article? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post with friends.

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