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Do you wish to work as a receptionist in the USA? In this Receptionist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship guide, we’ll be sharing with you the basic things you need to know. Many organizations in the United States are seeking to employ receptionists and they offer potential employees visa sponsorship.

The opportunity will only be yours if you have what it takes to be employed at their organization. If you want to know how to go about applying for a receptionist job in USA with sponsorship on a visa, make sure to stick to the final.

Most people have doubts about getting a job in the USA, but there shouldn’t be a problem to think about. Companies are employing and there are lots of receptionist jobs out there that you can apply for. Receptionist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship are open to those who understand what it means to be a receptionist and is capable. Even as a foreigner, you have a chance to apply for receptionist jobs in the United States.

Receptionist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

However, before applying for receptionist jobs with visa sponsorship in the USA, there are some necessary qualifications you have to meet. These qualifications will tell your potential employer if you’re capable and eligible for the role or not. The job of a receptionist isn’t an easy one and that’s why you must meet the qualifications if you wish to be employed with visa sponsorship. Also, there are some benefits attached to being a receptionist in an organization.

Who’s a Receptionist?

Before applying for the role of a receptionist, it’s best you know what you’re applying for and the job you’re expected to carry out. A Receptionist is a person who manages the front desk of an organization or company. You must be the first point of contact for the organization. A receptionist stays at the front desk to welcome visitors, and guests, and also you are to coordinate front desk activities such as answering and redirecting calls, etc.

If you wish to be successful in your work as a Receptionist, you need to have a pleasant personality, as you play the role of customer service as well. You deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner, at the same time, streamlining operations in the office.

Responsibilities of a Receptionist working in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Here are the responsibilities of a receptionist;

  • Greeting and welcoming guests on their arrival at the office.
  • Directing guests or visitors to the right office.
  • You must answer, screen, and forward phone calls.
  • Your work area must be tidy and presentable.
  • Provide accurate details about a file/query in person and via phone calls.
  • A receptionist must receive, sort, and distribute mail/deliveries daily.
  • Keep office inventory of stock and also order office supplies.
  • Manage/arrange travel and accommodations, also prepare the necessary vouchers.
  • You’re in charge of updating calendars and scheduling meetings.
  • Arranging room for training and conferences being held by the organization.
  • Keeping a record of updated records of expenses and costs of the office.
  • It is your responsibility to do the faxing, filling, photocopying and transcribing.

Requirements for Receptionist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are some basic requirements you must have if you wish to qualify as a receptionist in the United States. They include;

  • Must have mastery of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Work experience as a receptionist or any similar role.
  • Have an experience with office equipment like printers, fax machines, etc.
  • Must have a very professional appearance and attitude.
  • Verbal communication and solid written skills must be good.
  • Organizational skills must be excellent.
  • Have time management skills with the ability to prioritize and multitask duties.
  • A high school certificate, having certification in Office management is a plus.
  • A customer service attitude is a skill you need, to be a successful receptionist.

Merits of Working as a Receptionist in USA

With the nature of the job, receptionists in the USA with Visa Sponsorship are appreciated. There are lots of benefits and below are some;

  • Paid vacation days to the place of your choice
  • Health Insurance.
  • You get the chance to meet new people and make new connections.
  • Will be residing and working a legal job in the United States.
  • You will be receiving a good paycheck.

Where to Apply for Receptionist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The internet is a broad space where you can find jobs including receptionist jobs. There are receptionist jobs with visa sponsorship in the USA that you can apply for. Yes, you get jobs online, however, there are lots of scam sites out there claiming to be real. And that’s you have to be smart and watchful. Most people get jobs through the connections they have in the USA, while others got theirs through the net.

If you’re looking for where to find Receptionist Jobs in the USA that are offering Visa Sponsorship, then LinkedIn and Indeed are good places to check out.

Visa Types to Apply for a Receptionist Jobs in the USA

The USA is one of the countries where applying for visas is hard. However, as a potential employee in the United States, here are some visas you can apply for;

Sponsorship Visa

A sponsorship visa is the right one to apply for if you’ve already gotten a sponsor in the United States. Your sponsor could be a relative or your employer.  This is the easiest you can apply for and there’s a high chance of you being approved.

Temporary Work Visa

A work visa allows you to work in the United States and you can also apply for this if you’ve gotten a Receptionist job in the USA. Though it is for a short period, it is a worthy enough visa to apply for. On the look for Receptionist Jobs in the USA, then apply for H-2B. H-2B is a non-immigration seasonal visa for foreigners.

How to Apply for Receptionist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

With any of the sites listed in this article, you can find a receptionist job in the USA, and below is how to apply for one;

  • Set up a nicely arranged CV and a good application letter.
  • If your specialty is needed by an employer, you’ll be contacted.
  • Then your potential employer will request sponsorship to the USCIS
  • If the sponsorship petition is approved, a job offer letter will be sent in your name which you can then use for your Visa application.

Easier than you thought, right?


What Does a Reception Do?

A receptionist is to work within an organization to help out with how smoothly it runs. They attend to guests and visit on their arrival, greet and welcome them. They must answer calls, and screen them before sending redirecting them to the office it is intended for. The roles of a receptionist are many but come with nice benefits as well.

Who Does a Receptionist Work with?

They interact with customers, public delivery staff, and other service members making a stand at an organization. Receptionists must report to the Manager of the organization if the need be. They must work with clients closely before directing them to the right office.

Are you Eligible to work in the USA without Sponsorship?

Yes, very much possible, but you’d need lots of money for this. You can obtain a work visa in the United States. In such situations, you need to apply for EB-1, O-1, and EB-5 visas. You will likely get approved if you apply for these visas, but you need an attorney to help in obtaining any of these visas.

How do I get a work Visa in USA without a Job?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. You can not apply for a work visa without getting an actual job offer in the United States. Your potential employer must be willing to tender a petition on your behalf and also be willing to sponsor you. There are no work visas for foreigners with no actual job in the United States, so before applying for Visa, ensure you have a job there.

What is a Legal Way to start working in the USA?

U.S Citizens and also Green card holders can live and work in the United States. However, if you’re a foreigner and hoping to immigrate with a work visa, before leaving, you must ensure that you’re eligible for employment. In other words, there should be a prospective employer willing to employ you in the United States.

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