Skrill Vs Payoneer – Factors to Guide Your Decision on Skrill and Payoneer


Skrill vs Payoneer: Both are digital payment services used for buying and selling things online. Even though they both let you send money, get money, and use a debit card, some important things make them different. That’s what we’re talking about in this article comparing Skrill vs Payoneer. It’s important to pay attention to these differences when picking the one that’s right for you.

Skrill Vs Payoneer

One might be better when it comes to fees and how fast you can get your money, while the other might be great at helping you when you need support. In today’s article, I’m going to explain the differences between Skrill and Payoneer. This will help you choose the one that works best for you and what you need.

Skrill Vs Payoneer

Skrill and Payoneer stand as prominent contenders in the dynamic realm of digital payment services, providing users with the utmost convenience in conducting online transactions and money transfers. However, Skrill distinguishes itself by functioning as a versatile e-commerce entity. Here, users are empowered not only to transfer money and make payments seamlessly but also to partake in a spectrum of online activities.

This spans the realms of trading, betting, gaming, and shopping, creating a multifaceted digital ecosystem that caters to diverse user preferences and needs. Noteworthy is Skrill’s commitment to offering these services at a cost-effective rate, ensuring that users can engage in various online endeavors without breaking the bank.

On the flip side, Payoneer is a financial services company that focuses on online digital payments and making it easy to move money around. It goes a step further by also helping its users with working capital solutions, which means they can get the money they need for their work.

Even though more people know about Payoneer in the world of money services, there’s still a lot of talk comparing Skrill and Payoneer. People are looking at different things like how much it costs to change money, the fees for using the services, where in the world you can use them, and how safe they are. These detailed comparisons help users choose between Skrill and Payoneer, making sure they pick the one that fits best with what they need for their money matters.

Skrill Vs Payoneer – Quick Overview

Below are some of the factors you should consider in Skrill Vs Payoneer. You should pay attention so you can pay attention to all that will be discussed.

Exchange Rates

When it comes to exchange rates, there’s a difference between Payoneer and Skrill. Payoneer’s exchange rate includes a markup of 2% to 2.75% on top of the mid-market rate. On the other hand, Skrill applies its rate directly to the existing mid-market rate without adding any extra markup.

This is where Payoneer has an edge. Moreover, Payoneer uses the MasterCard exchange rate when you use the prepaid Payoneer MasterCard in currencies that are not listed. The good thing is, with Payoneer, you get to see the exchange rate before you finalize your transaction. On the flip side, with Skrill, you have to check the rate using their online currency calculator before making your decision.

So, in the realm of exchange rates, Payoneer provides transparency by allowing you to preview the rate, making it potentially more favorable for users. It’s essential to consider these nuances when choosing between Payoneer and Skrill for your currency transactions.


Both Payoneer and Skrill are widely recognized payment services, although their global reach varies. Payoneer has an extensive presence, available in approximately 200 countries, facilitating transactions in over 150 different currencies.

Conversely, Skrill offers its services to all countries except Afghanistan, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Kyrgyzstan. However, it’s worth noting that Skrill’s gaming-related transactions have some limitations in the United States, China, Malaysia, and Israel.

The coverage and restrictions in specific regions are crucial considerations for users choosing between these payment services. The comprehensive reach of Payoneer may be advantageous for individuals or businesses engaged in international transactions, while Skrill’s availability in various countries still comes with certain limitations that users need to be aware of, especially when it comes to gaming-related activities in specific regions.


Before you patronize any payment service online you should view their fees based on your transaction with them. For Payoneer and Skrill, their fees are considerable. The two services charge almost the same fee rates.

Whenever you send money to another account holder it’s free on Payoneer. Skrill charges nothing when you make a transfer overseas. When you receive money from another Payoneer account in different currencies like USD, EUR, or GBP there are no charges. It is the same with an online seller.

It’s only when you make a withdrawal of funds from your account to your local bank account that you pay a fee. This is dependent on your country of residence. With Skrill when you send funds to another Skrill wallet or email address you will pay 1.45% of the transfer amount as fees.

Also, you are charged a $3 fee each month if there is no activity in your account for 12 months. For more details on fees and rates check both websites.

Easy to Use

Registering on both payment platforms is easy although it takes a little time. Both services have mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

You need to provide the necessary documents to verify your identity and address. On both platforms, they operate a multilingual website. They have prepaid MasterCards that allow users to access funds in their accounts easily.

Security System

Both platforms have a strong security system and all files are highly encrypted to keep users’ documents safe online. Payoneer is licensed under regulatory bodies in Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Gibraltar. Also, they are registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Skrill is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can see that they both have a strong and secure background and backup.

However, in terms of regular overseas payment, both services falter. They are yet to offer these services. With the above points enumerated, you can choose any payment service that is convenient for you.

Skrill and Payoneer Key Differences and Features


Fees to send money


Free to send money when there is no currency conversion



Free to send to other Payoneer accounts


Fees to receive payments No fees when there is no currency conversion ACH bank debit 1%

Credit card 3%

Local receiving account 0-1%

ACH bank debit 1%

Credit card 3%

Local receiving account 0-1%

Payoneer-to-Payoneer account receiving is free

Transfer time 1-3 business days
Number of available currencies 40 11
International payment options Supports 40 currencies and offers local bank account details Send payments to 200+ countries in up to 11 currencies. Convert between 150+ currencies in your multi-currency account. Local bank account details are available
Mass payments Mass payment capability with the Skrill API Make 200 batch payments at once

Skrill vs Payoneer Pros and Cons

Below is the list of Skrill and Payoneer pros and cons to help you understand the two platforms.

Skrill Pros;

  • Skrill lets you deal with money in 40 different currencies.
  • You can send money internationally without paying any extra fees.
  • Skrill connects with various online shops, making it easy for you to buy things.
  • You can keep money in different currencies using Skrill.
  • Skrill offers a prepaid Mastercard, allowing you to use your money for everyday purchases.

Skrill Cons;

  • Skrill doesn’t help with automatically filling out tax forms.
  • Some users find that Skrill’s customer support is not as responsive as they would like.

Payoneer Pros;

  • You can have accounts in different currencies without paying extra for changing money.
  • Payoneer is easy to use and lets you ask for payments in different ways.
  • It links up with markets and networks, making it handy for businesses.
  • If you and someone else both use Payoneer, you can transfer money between your accounts for free.
  • Payoneer allows you to get up to $80,000 without checking your credit history.
  • Payoneer is suitable for businesses making mass payouts, simplifying the process.

Payoneer Cons;

  • There are not as many currencies available for making payments.
  • If someone who doesn’t use Payoneer sends you money, the fees can be quite high.
  • Payoneer may charge fees for withdrawing money to your bank account, depending on the country.


When you’re trying to decide between Skrill and Payoneer, it comes down to what you need and like. Think about things like how much it costs to do transactions, which countries the platforms work well with, how easy it is to take your money out, and how good the whole experience feels. Each platform has its good points, and by looking closely, you can figure out which one suits your global money goals best. Spend some time looking at the details so that your choice is smart and helps you do well with your money around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is better, Skrill or Payoneer?

Skrill and Payoneer are two different platforms with their key features. It depends on what you want to do. You can check out the pros and cons of Skrill and Payoneer.

What is the perfect Alternative for Payoneer?

Best Alternative for Payoneer:

  • Google pay
  • square 
  • Paypal 
  • Tipalti
  • Skrill
  • Remitly

Those are the Best and top alternatives for Payoneer

Does  Payoneer work with Skrill?

Skrill has stopped accepting Payoneer cards. if you want to load your Skrill account you can use your local bank credit card or load your balance by using cryptocurrency.

Which is Safer Paypal or Skrill?

if you are looking for a safer here then you should consider PayPal to be the safest and it is slightly better than Skrill.

How Good is Payoneer?

Payoneer is easy and stress-free, and using it is very convenient. most especially the customer service and the Payoneer unmatched. The team always makes sure they help you out in any situation or issue you are facing.

Is Payoneer Card Free?

Want to know if the Payoneer card is free? well, the Payoneer MasterCard is a global payment way. And not only that the Mastercard is free for anyone.

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