How Much Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Cost? Determining the cost of car insurance can be tricky. Although national averages give an idea, your premium will be unique. Factors like your age, driving history, where you live, car details, and the type of coverage you choose all influence the price. Car insurance rates can vary a lot by state. For example, Wyoming has a much lower average annual cost for full coverage compared to Louisiana.

To give you a better estimate, the following information looks at average car insurance costs from different insurance companies, states, and driver profiles. This will help you understand what you might pay for your car insurance.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost by State?

Car insurance costs vary by state due to factors like accident rates, repair costs, vehicle theft rates, and road conditions. The coverage levels you choose also impact the price. We will look at two common types of coverage: full coverage and minimum coverage. Drivers with leases or loans usually have comprehensive and collision coverage with higher liability limits of 100/300/50. Drivers of older cars often opt for liability-only coverage at state-required amounts.

There are various coverage options, including full and minimum coverage. Even for older cars, liability coverage is important to protect your financial future if you cause an accident. Insurance experts recommend higher liability coverage for better financial protection, which usually costs only a little more.

While switching from minimum to full coverage can increase your expenses, raising your liability limits is an affordable way to safeguard your finances in case of an accident. Talking to a licensed insurance agent is a good idea to understand which limits are best for you.

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Average Annual Car Insurance Costs by State

State Full coverage Minimum coverage
Alabama $1,728 $402
Alaska $1,730 $331
Arizona $2,046 $613
Arkansas $1,794 $445
California $1,630 $456
Colorado $2,366 $546
Connecticut $1,743 $761
Delaware $2,079 $877
Florida $3,035 $805
Georgia $1,945 $657
Hawaii $1,610 $491
Idaho $1,162 $319
Illinois $1,528 $453
Indiana $1,423 $399
Iowa $1,401 $252
Kansas $1,895 $470
Kentucky $2,393 $664
Louisiana $3,114 $890
Maine $1,175 $373
Maryland $1,896 $823
Massachusetts $1,265 $399
Michigan $2,343 $602
Minnesota $1,627 $469
Mississippi $1,918 $518
Missouri $1,981 $504
Montana $1,840 $425
Nebraska $1,502 $329
Nevada $2,199 $793
New Hampshire $1,190 $367
New Jersey $1,969 $802
New Mexico $1,902 $421
New York $1,958 $765
North Carolina $1,683 $606
North Dakota $1,608 $408
Ohio $1,189 $335
Oklahoma $2,088 $490
Oregon $1,352 $600
Pennsylvania $1,667 $370
Rhode Island $2,413 $900
South Carolina $1,870 $609
South Dakota $1,637 $280
Tennessee $1,684 $431
Texas $2,511 $816
Utah $1,496 $591
Vermont $1,085 $310
Virginia $1,605 $649
Washington $1,500 $509
Washington, D.C. $1,737 $859
West Virginia $1,693 $476
Wisconsin $1,514 $361
Wyoming $972 $185


How Much Is Car Insurance by Company?

Car insurance costs vary by company because each one uses different factors to set rates. These factors include your driving history, location, vehicle, and demographics. Companies estimate the likelihood of you filing a claim and set your price based on that.

Each insurer weighs these factors differently. For example, one company might charge 10% more for poor credit, while another might charge 40% more. A discount for being claim-free could be 20% with one company and only 5% with another.

This leads to different prices for each person. The company that offers your friend a low premium might not be the cheapest for you.

Annual Average Cost from Big Companies

Company Full coverage Minimum coverage
Allstate $2,242 $601
Farmers $2,608 $875
Geico $1,303 $355
American Family $1,270 $477


Average Cost of Car Insurance for Different Driver Profiles

The average cost of full coverage car insurance is much higher than that of minimum coverage. This is because minimum coverage only includes liability insurance and other state-required coverage, while full coverage also includes collision and comprehensive insurance, which cover damage to your own vehicle.

Driving and credit history Full coverage Minimum coverage
Clean driving record, good credit $1,708 $483
One at-fault crash, good credit $2,511 $720
Clean driving record $2,726 $752


However, averages don’t tell the whole story about your car insurance costs. Many personal factors, both within and outside your control, ultimately affect how much you will pay.


The average cost of car insurance in the United States is about $2,299 per year, while minimum coverage costs around $637 annually. However, car insurance is unique to each person, like a fingerprint.

Your premium will differ from those of your friends, family, and the national average because of your specific rating factors. Understanding the average cost of car insurance can help you make sure you’re not overpaying for this essential financial protection.

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