How to Get Pocket FM Free Coins


How to get pocket FM free coins is one of the most frequently searched items on the internet. In this article, you will learn about free Pocket FM coins. If you enjoy the Pocket FM app, and you have exhausted the coins you purchased, you can easily get free coins that you can use to unlock more episodes of your favourite audiobooks, audio series, and podcasts.


However, to get their free coins, you will need to perform tasks online that can help you get free coins. Otherwise, you can purchase a recommended pack of Pocket FM coins and get a selected number of coins for free. But, if you don’t want to purchase a pack of coins, you can easily perform tasks on the app to get free coins. Follow through the procedure on how to get free coins on the Pocket FM app.

How to Get Pocket FM Free Coins

Free Pocket FM Coins on iPhone

Pocket FM offers free coins to iPhone users when they perform tasks on the app to earn coins. For iPhone users, all you have to do is carry out certain tasks like playing games, and you can earn free coins on the platform. With the free coins that you have to earn, you can unlock multiple episodes without paying a dime. Follow through the procedure to learn how to get free Pocket FM coins on your iPhone.

How to get Free Pocket FM Coins on iPhone

  • Once you have exhausted your purchased coin for the day
  • You will find a blue icon displayed on the screen
  • Once you click on the blue icon, it will indicate Get free coins
  • All you have to do is click on the Get Free coins
  • You will be asked to watch video ads in order to earn yourself a free coin
  • Once you finish watching the ad video, you will earn a coin

You can watch as many videos as you want to earn more free coins as you want. The more videos you watch the more coins you will earn. For each video ad you watch, you will earn a free coin. So when you watch 10 videos, you can earn yourself 10 free coins.

How to Get Free Pocket FM Coins on Android

Unfortunately, there is no available feature that Android users can earn free coins like iPhone Users. If you want to earn free coins as an Android user, you will have to purchase a recommended coins pack and earn yourself free coins.


To get free Pocket FM app coins to unlock more episodes, you can carry out simple tasks like watching a video ad and the more video ads that you watch, the more free coins that you earn. If you watch 20 short videos, you will earn 20 free coins.

Is the Pocket FM app Totally Free?

The pocket FM app allows you to download free audiobooks, audio stories, and podcasts. However, the app is not totally free. You can only listen to 7 audio episodes per Audiobook, and you will be required to buy Pocket Coins to unlock more episodes that you can listen to.

Can I Earn Free Coins on Pocket FM App?

Yes, if you are an iPhone user, you are eligible to earn free Pocket coins. All you have to do is watch a video advertisement on the platform and earn yourself a coin for one video you watch.

Can I get Free Pocket Coins on Android?

No, there are no available features to earn free coins on the Pocket FM app for Android users. In this article, I have listed more available means to earn yourself free coins.

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