How to Pay DStv Subscription Online


Looking to learn how to pay DStv subscription online? We have got you covered. Keeping up with your favorite TV shows should be a hassle-free experience, and paying for your DStv subscription online is the way to go.

There are different methods you can use to pay for your subscription online. Paying for your subscription is easy and can be done even from your home. That means you don’t have to leave your comfort, with your phone, you can pay for your subscription.

How to Pay DStv Subscription Online

Ways to Pay for DStv Subscription Online

As we have mentioned above, there are various methods you can use to pay online provided you are connected to an internet connection. Without much time wasting, let us proceed to briefly explain the different methods.

Paying Through the DStv Website

Pay using the website is one of the oldest methods of paying your subscription, and it is easy. Just navigate to the official DStv website on your browser. Then, log in to your account, select the “Pay” option, and follow the prompts to complete your payment using your preferred payment method. It’s that easy.

DStv Mobile App

To pay with the app, you need to download it from your device’s app store. Once downloaded and installed, log in to your account and locate the payment section within the app. Select your payment method, enter the necessary details, and confirm your payment to complete. It is seamless.

Internet Banking

Many banks offer online banking services that allow you to pay your DStv subscription seamlessly, and if you use it, this is another easy step. Sign in to your bank’s online portal, locate the bill payment section, and add DStv as a beneficiary. Next, you will need to enter your details and make your payment to complete.

Mobile Money Services

For users in regions where mobile money services are prevalent, you can pay your DStv subscription using mobile payment platforms. Simply access your mobile money app, choose the bill payment option, and select DStv, and follow the prompts to complete.

Automatic Debit Order

If you forget a lot, you should opt for the convenience of automatic debit orders. This involves you setting up a recurring payment with your bank to deduct the subscription amount from your account on the due date. This ensures you never miss a payment no matter how busy you are.

Retail Stores and Agents

There are DStv retail stores and agents that you can visit to pay for your subscri[tion. In your area, visit an authorized retail store or agent, provide your account details, and the agent will assist you in processing your payment.


Using the USSD code is another way you can pay for your subscription. Plus, it doesn’t require you to be connected to an internet connection. Simply dial the USSD code of your bank or financial service provided and follow the prompts to make payments. It is very easy and convenient.


Paying your DStv subscription online opens up a world of convenience as there are different methods that you can use. Almost all online methods don’t require you to leave your home or comfort. What do you think about this post? Share your answers with other readers in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my DStv subscription with a credit card online?

Yes, you can pay using a credit card through the DStv website or mobile app. Ensure your card is registered and follow the payment prompts.

Are there any additional charges for online payments?

DStv doesn’t charge extra fees for online payments. However, check with your bank or payment provider for any transaction fees they may apply.

Is it safe to pay my DStv subscription online?

Absolutely. DStv employs secure encryption to protect your payment information, ensuring a safe online transaction.

What happens if my payment is delayed?

If your payment is delayed, your subscription might be temporarily suspended. Set up automatic payments or ensure timely manual payments to avoid interruptions.

Can I pay for multiple months in advance online?

Yes, you can choose to pay for multiple months in advance. Simply adjust the payment amount during the online payment process.

Do I need to pay immediately after making changes to my subscription?

In most cases, payment for subscription changes is due on your next billing date. Confirm the payment details during the modification process.

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