Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card

Do you fly frequently on Southwest and travel abroad? Yes? Fortunately, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card is a great choice for frequent travelers. As a traveler, this is an outstanding top-of-wallet card that you should apply for.

Everything you need to know about this credit card will be mentioned below, so ensure to pay attention and read to the end. Before going further, you should know that the card is a great southwest supporter. It esteems an air terminal and inflight advantages and the capacity to include representative cards at no extra expense.

There are a lot of airline cards but if you are looking for a nice one to try out, then you should opt for the Southwest rapid rewards premier credit card. This is because the Southwest airline card hits the target by offering a passel of perks in exchange for a reasonable annual fee.

On any southwest purchase, you get to earn 3 points per dollar, 2 points per dollar on local transit and commuting, as well as rideshare. Also, the 2 points per dollar on internet, cable, and phone service and elect to stream. Additionally, 2 points per dollar on repaid reward hotel and car rental purchases and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card Review

Compared to other airline credit cards southwest rapid rewards premier credit card is a success. So, if you do not have an airline card and you are looking for one you should go for, this because it gives users a reason to stay loyal. This credit card is known to include a generous anniversary bonus, and cardholders can easily earn a free flight fast.

It could be better for you to qualify for A-List status and the airline’s coveted companion passes fast if you are spending a lot on southwest flights. Unlike other airline credit cards, the Southwest card does not charge any foreign transaction fees made with the card.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card Benefits

Before applying for the Southwest credit card, it is important to know the benefits offered by the card. There are some incredible benefits offered by this rapid rewards card and they include;

  • Cardholders earn 50,000 points after spending $1,000 on purchases in their first 3 months.
  • There are exclusive benefits for cardholders to explore and enjoy.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.
  • Contactless payment with just a simple tap
  • Partner benefits are included for Southwest cardholders.
  • Travel and purchase coverage.
  • Instant use of the Southwest rapid credit card.

There you have the benefits offered on the card for all users to explore and make use of.

How To Apply For The Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card

To participate in the awesome benefits offered by the credit card company, you will have to apply for your own. Applying for the southwest rapid rewards premier card is easy and can be done online using the guidelines below;

  • Go to the chase credit card page at
  • On the home, you can choose any of the options you’d like to use and apply for the card.
  • Select either “Sign in to apply faster” or Apply as a quest”. Or you can simply click on “Apply Now”.
  • After you must have clicked on the application link, you will be redirected to the form.
  • Start by entering your personal info.
  • Enter your first name, middle name, and last name.
  • Choose a suffix (optional).
  • Provide your birthdate and your mother’s maiden name.
  • Choose your tax ID type and enter the number.
  • Enter your street address, suite/apt/other, zip code, and city, and choose a state.
  • Now, provide a valid email address and phone number.
  • Click on the checkbox next to “Check this box to provide your electronic signature for the authorization above”.
  • Choose your residence type, and employment status, and then enter your gross annual income.
  • Now, select to add an authorized user or not.
  • Lastly, agree to the terms and conditions and click “Submit”.

Your credit card application will be submitted. Proceed from there following the onscreen instructions.

How To Activate Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card

To use your newly received credit card, you must activate it. The southwest rapid rewards credit card can be activated online, or by calling the customer service number. Alternatively, you can call the number on the back of your rewards credit card.

You can activate your card online by logging in to your account or creating a new login detail. Have in mind that when activating the card via phone, you will need to provide the last four digits of your card number.

How To Register For Southwest Rapid Credit Card Account

Are you interested to manage your account online? Well, for that to be done, you will need to enroll for online access. The process is quite easy.

Below is how to register or enroll for online access with your credit card;

  • First, go to chase cards at
  • Click on “Sign In” in the right corner.
  • On the Chase Sign In page, click on “Not enrolled? Sign Up now”.
  • To verify your identity, you will need to enter the details needed.
  • Enter your account, card, or application number.
  • Social security number and then create a username.
  • Ensure that the information provided is correct because you won’t be able to go back and click on “Next”.

The rest is up to you to fill out, simply follow the onscreen instructions that will be shown to complete your card account registration.

How To Sign In To Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card Account

So, your card account got logged out and you are wondering about the login process, well, use the below to get back into your account;

  • Visit the Southwest credit card website and click on “Sign In” at the top.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  • To proceed, click on “Sign In” to load your account.

Use the guidelines listed above to get back into your Southwest rapid rewards premier credit card account.

How To Recover Southwest Rapid Rewards Card Username/Password?

Even if you have lost your Southwest rapid card account login username or password, you will be able to easily get it back. With the steps below, you can get your card login details back easily;

  • On the card account login page, click on “Forgot username/password”.
  • Confirm your identity by entering your SSN or Tax ID (TIN).
  • Enter your card, account, or application number and click on “Next”.

Follow the next prompts to complete the recovery process and get your card account login details back.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card Customer Service

You can contact the Southwest rapid rewards credit card customer center using the steps below

Reach customer service at southwest rapid rewards premier credit card with the guides listed above.

Useful Southwest Card Links

Click here to open the Southwest credit card page

For Chase’s official website; click here

Want assistance? Follow this link

Chase Social Media Links








That is everything you need to know about Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card and how to apply for the card. As stated above, this credit card option is best for those who use southwest to fly frequently. If there are further questions you’d like to ask, use the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to get approved for a Southwest Rapid Rewards card?

Getting the southwest rewards credit card is hard because they require a good enough credit score for approval. To get approved, you must have a good credit score of 700 or higher and a good income.

What credit score is needed for Southwest Priority Card?

To get approved for the southwest priority card, you need a credit score of at least 690 to 850.

Does the Southwest Premier card have an annual fee?

Yes, the annual fee of the southwest premier credit card is $99 and is applied to the first billing statement.

Can I get a Southwest card with a 650 credit score?

To get the Southwest rapid rewards card, you will probably need a credit score of at least a FICO score of 670.

What credit bureau does Chase use for Southwest credit card?

Chase card uses the credit bureau; Experian.

WHO issues Southwest Rapid Rewards card?

Southwest partnered with Chase to offer a co-branded credit card to allow members to earn points for daily purchases.

Is Southwest Rapid Rewards A Chase card?

It is a card from Chase bank and Southwest Airlines. Southwest airline is responsible for the redemption of the rapid rewards points towards services and benefits.

Why was my Southwest card denied?

One of the possible reasons why your Southwest credit card application was denied is a low credit score. Others could be too much existing debt or not enough disposable income.

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