Does Home Insurance Cover AC Unit?


Does Home Insurance Cover AC Unit? This is a question asked by many, and we will be providing answers below. Home insurance is designed to protect your property and belongings from unexpected events such as fires, theft, and natural disasters.

However, when it comes to specific items like your air conditioning (AC) unit, coverage can vary depending on your policy and the cause of damage. 

Well, if you’re wondering if your home insurance covers your AC units, then you’re reading the right article. We’ll explore everything you need to know about whether home insurance covers your AC unit, including common scenarios, coverage options, steps to ensure adequate protection, and more.

Does Home Insurance Cover AC Unit?

Does Your AC Unit Get Covered by Home Insurance?

While your insurance doesn’t cover everything, it covers the following;

Damage from Covered Perils

In general, home insurance policies provide coverage for damage to your AC unit caused by covered perils, such as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, and vandalism. If your AC unit is damaged due to one of these events, your insurance policy may help cover the cost of repair or replacement up to your policy’s limits.

Accidental Damage

Some home insurance policies may also offer coverage for accidental damage to your AC unit, such as accidentally dropping a heavy object on it or accidentally causing water damage. However, coverage for accidental damage may vary depending on your policy and insurer, so it’s essential to review your policy documents carefully.


If your AC unit is stolen from your property, your home insurance policy may provide coverage for the theft under your personal property coverage. However, theft coverage may be subject to certain limitations and deductibles, so checking your policy for details is crucial.

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What Home Insurance Cover 

These are some cases when insurance doesn’t cover your AC unit;

Wear and Tear

Home insurance policies typically do not cover damage to your AC unit caused by wear and tear or lack of maintenance. If your AC unit breaks down due to normal wear and tear or neglect, you will likely be responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

Mechanical Breakdown

Similarly, home insurance policies generally exclude coverage for mechanical breakdown of your AC unit. If your AC unit stops working due to mechanical issues or electrical failures, you may need to rely on a separate warranty or service contract for repairs.

Flood Damage

Most standard home insurance policies do not cover damage to your AC unit caused by flooding. Suppose your AC unit is damaged due to flooding from sources such as heavy rains or overflowing rivers. In that case, you may need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to obtain coverage.

Earthquake Damage

Likewise, home insurance policies typically do not cover damage to your AC unit caused by earthquakes. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you may need to purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy to protect your property, including your AC unit.

Intentional Damage

Home insurance policies do not cover damage to your AC unit caused intentionally by you or someone else. If your AC unit is intentionally damaged, you may need to pursue legal action against the responsible party or file a claim under a different type of insurance coverage.

How to Ensure Adequate Coverage for Your AC Unit

Securing proper coverage for your AC unit is vital to safeguarding your investment and home comfort. Here are essential tips to ensure your AC unit is adequately protected under your insurance policy;

Review Your Policy

Start by reviewing your home insurance policy documents to understand what is covered and what is excluded regarding your AC unit. Pay attention to any limitations, deductibles, and coverage amounts.

Consider Additional Coverage

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage options to ensure adequate protection for your AC unit. This may include equipment breakdown coverage, which can help cover the cost of repairs or replacement due to mechanical breakdowns.

Maintain Your AC Unit

Proper maintenance of your AC unit is essential to prevent damage and ensure its longevity. Schedule regular inspections, cleanings, and maintenance services to keep your AC unit in optimal condition. Maintaining your AC unit can also help prevent potential insurance claims and ensure coverage when you need it most.

Does Home Insurance Cover AC Unit Repairs?

Home insurance typically covers AC unit repairs if a covered peril, such as a natural disaster or accidental damage, causes the damage. However, regular wear and tear are usually not covered.

Will Home Insurance Replace a Damaged AC Unit?

In some cases, home insurance may cover the replacement of a damaged AC unit if the policy covers the damage. However, coverage may vary depending on the specific policy terms and the cause of the damage.

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How do you file a Homeowners insurance claim for your AC?

Filing a homeowners insurance claim for your AC is usually straightforward. Here are the simple steps;

  • Contact Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance company about the damage to your AC unit as soon as possible. You can usually do this by phone or through their online portal.
  • Provide Details: Be prepared to provide details about the damage, such as when it occurred and what caused it. You may also need to provide photos or documentation to support your claim.
  • Schedule an Inspection: Your insurance company may schedule an inspection of the damage to assess the extent of the loss. Make sure to be available during the inspection.
  • Receive Payment: If your claim is approved, your insurance company will provide payment for the repair or replacement of your AC unit. However, this is minus any deductible that applies.
  • Complete Repairs: Use the insurance payout to repair or replace your AC unit. Make sure to follow any guidelines provided by your insurance company and keep records of the repairs for your records.
  • Follow-up: If you have any questions or concerns during the claims process, don’t hesitate to follow up with your insurance company for clarification.

Are There Any Exclusions to AC Unit Coverage in Home Insurance?

Home insurance policies may exclude certain types of damage to AC units, such as neglect or lack of maintenance. It’s essential to review your policy carefully to understand any exclusions that may apply to your AC unit coverage.


While home insurance can provide valuable protection for your property and belongings, coverage for your AC unit may vary depending on your policy and the cause of damage. The good thing about this article is that we have discussed everything you need to know. If we have missed something, please use the comment section to let us know.


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