How Can You Improve Your Amazon Order Defect Rate?

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It is important to stay on top of your metrics in the eCommerce world and ensure to deliver a good experience to your clients/customers. As a seller on Amazon, it is important to monitor your metrics which is the Order Defect Rate. If you have ever wondered how you can improve your Amazon order defect rate, keep reading.

Keeping tabs on your order defect rate regularly is important and it helps you monitor your performance as a seller. In this post, you will be learning how to improve your Amazon order defect rate. The ODR is used to rate sellers on their customer service standards and overall performance on the eCommerce platform. This is calculated by the number of orders that are received during a given 60-day time.

How Can You Improve Your Amazon Order Defect Rate?

Make sure to read to the end of this post, as we will be sharing useful tips that you can use to improve your Order Defect Rate on Amazon. Before proceeding to share tips on how to improve ODR, let’s know what an order defect rate is.

What Is Order Defect Rate?

Order Defect Rate is the rate of occurrence of negative metrics to the total of received orders within 60 days. In order words, it is a measure of a seller’s potential to provide a good customer experience and service.

Defect rate is one of the most important metrics used by Amazon to assess a seller’s performance. This is because they want to ensure that the best is provided to customers. It is essential to maintain the exact high standards set for sellers on the eCommerce marketplace.

You must provide good customer service to your buyers. Now, you know what Amazon ODR means, so, let’s proceed to how you can improve your defect rate. Note: too many negative reviews about a seller are not good, so ensure to offer the best to your customers.

How To Monitor Your Amazon Order Defect Rate

It takes proactive steps to increase customer service to reduce the number of refunds or returns. Improving your ODR might not be too easy, however, with the right strategies to implement, you can do it. Below are some helpful strategies to use in improving your Order Defect Rate;

Respond To Negative Feedback

As a seller, it is your responsibility to reply to all your customer feedback quickly. Feedbacks are a means of communication between a seller and a buyer. It is crucial to respond to negative feedback, as it will show Amazon and your customers that you’re committed to the service. In addition, you can use this means to apologize and offer a solution to the defects.

How will this help improve my ODR? Well, by responding and offering solutions to customers, you have chances of reducing customer dissatisfaction and also improving loyalty.

Make Fast And Free Shipping A Priority

When you receive an order, ensure that the products are shipped on time with no large extra charges as this will help you reduce complaints from customers. Also, it will make your customers happen to get products delivered on time. Furthermore, you get to stand out from other sellers on the platform. As you might already know, the competition on Amazon is quite high, which is why it’s important to do your best.

Use Perfect Packaging

It is essential to package customer products as best as you can. Make use of packaging that is secured and of high quality. With a secured packaging method, the risk of damage to the product will be reduced. Customers will receive their products in good condition, which will improve their satisfaction. Customer satisfaction should be your focus as a seller.

Sell Products Of High Quality

Selling high-quality products will reduce the probability of bad or defective products. Quality is important, not quantity. By selling high-quality products, you can improve your Order Defective Rate and get good customer reviews.

Optimize Your Fulfillment During Holidays

This is very crucial. Holidays are busy times for retailers and it is vital to ensure your fulfillment process is well organized. With this, delays can be reduced and orders get to reach customers on time. This will help the number of negative complaints from customers.

Review Your Product Listing Page

To improve your ODR, make sure to review your product listing page to ensure you meet the guidelines for sellers on Amazon. When reviewing, pay attention to the title, image, descriptions, pricing, and customer feedback. Make sure your description is fit for the product and the images are professional and clear enough. You can check out the SellerApp Listing Quality Tool to make it easy for you.

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Make sure to improve your Order Defect Rate on Amazon as it helps your business to be successful. With a solid customer service technique and leveraging services, you can improve your ODR. The more returns or refunds you get, the more your business falls.

So, be sure to use fitting descriptions for products to prevent dissatisfaction and reduce ODR. All you have to do to improve your Order defect rate on Amazon is to make sure your customers are happy with your services and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Amazon’s order defect rate;

How do you lower defect rate?

The time and attention you pay to your customer satisfaction can help lower your defect rate. Selling quality products and using the perfect packaging can also help lower your Order defect rate.

What is Amazon order defect rate?

It is a performance metric used by amazon to rate a seller’s customer service standards. Amazon’s order defect rate is calculated based on the number of times the negative metrics were incurred and then divided by the number of overall orders received.

What affects order defect rate?

The major factors that affect an order defect rate are chargeback on credit card purchases, negative feedback from customers, and A to Z guarantee claims.

What are considered defects at Amazon?

Negative feedback, delayed delivery or an unsatisfactory item, or a chargeback is considered a defect by Amazon.

How can defect rate be improved?

The easiest ways to improve defect is by;

  • Responding to negative feedback.
  • Reviewing product listing page
  • Selling high-quality products
  • Carrying out fast and free delivery.

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