How to Subscribe to DStv

Wondering how you can subscribe to DStv? Luckily this post will be covering how to subscribe to DStv. Unlocking a world of entertainment with DStv is easier than ever, and you can subscribe from anywhere. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to subscribe to DStv and explore various payment methods.

How to Subscribe to DStv

Different Ways to Subscribe for DStv

As we have mentioned above, there are different methods you can use for your membership on DStv, all of which are convenient. Without wasting much time, here are the methods you can use to pay for your subscription;

Using the DStv Website

To use this method, visit their website on your computer or smartphone, and log in to your account. Next, navigate to the subscription section, and choose your desired package. Follow the prompts to complete the subscription using the available online payment options.

DStv Mobile App

If you’re using a smartphone, Download the DStv mobile app from your device’s app store. After installation, log in to your account, explore the subscription options, and select the package that suits your preferences. Complete the subscription process using the secure in-app payment instructions.

Via Internet Banking

If you prefer using your bank’s online services, log in to your internet banking portal. Then, add DStv as a beneficiary, enter your details, and proceed to make the subscription payment securely from your bank’s platform. This method is very convenient and easy to use.

Mobile Money Services

With your mobile money app, you can carry out financial transactions, and bill payments including a DStv subscription. Access the app, choose the bill payment option, and select DStv. Follow the prompts to subscribe with ease.

Using your Bank’s USSD Code

Using USSD is one of the most convenient options out of all, as it doesn’t require an internet connection. Simply, dial the provided USSD code from your bank or financial provider, follow the prompts to enter your account details and subscription package, and confirm the payment.


Subscribing to DStv is a straightforward process with various online payment options, so choose the method that you feel is best for you. You can refer to our website for more posts like this, or better still bookmark this page. Please, let us know your thoughts about this post below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subscribe to DStv without a credit card?

Absolutely. DStv offers various payment options, including Internet banking, mobile money, and direct debit orders, making it accessible without a credit card.

Is it safe to subscribe to DStv online?

Yes, DStv employs secure encryption to protect your payment information, ensuring a safe and secure online subscription process.

Can I subscribe to DStv using a foreign debit or credit card?

Yes, DStv accepts foreign debit or credit cards for online payments. Ensure that your card is enabled for international transactions.

Are there any discounts for long-term subscriptions?

DStv occasionally offers discounts for long-term subscriptions. Check their website or contact customer support for information on current promotions.

Can I change my subscription package online?

Yes, you can modify your subscription package online through the DStv website or mobile app. Adjust the details and follow the prompts to confirm the changes.

What happens if my payment is delayed?

If your payment is delayed, your access to DStv services may be temporarily suspended. It’s crucial to make timely payments to avoid interruptions.

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