American Express Business Gold Card

The American Express Business Gold Card is a great pick for small business owners who travel a lot and want to earn rewards for their everyday business spending. Many people consider it one of the best business credit cards around.

You get good rewards rate each year when you spend money in two categories that you choose for your business. These categories can include travel and everyday things like gas stations and restaurants in the U.S. This makes the card perfect for businesses that spend money on these types of things.

American Express Business Gold Card

If you spend a lot, this card is especially good for you. You earn 4 membership rewards for every dollar you spend in certain bonus categories. The points you collect can be used for travel directly on or transferred to popular American Express partners like Delta Air Lines, British Airways, and Marriott.

For new members, there’s a nice welcome offer: 70,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend a certain amount of money on eligible purchases in the first 3 months of having the card. Employee cards are free, and you won’t be charged extra for transactions in foreign countries.

Benefits of American Express Business Gold Card

Here are some good things about the American Express Business Gold Card that you might want to know before you decide to get it:

  • Protection for Purchases: If you buy something with the card and it gets damaged or stolen, you’re protected.
  • Extra Warranty: The card gives you more time on the warranty for things you buy.
  • Global Help: There’s a hotline you can call for assistance when you’re traveling anywhere in the world.
  • Insurance for Your Stuff: If your baggage is lost or damaged during a trip, the card helps cover the costs.
  • Option to Pay Over Time: You have the choice to spread your payments over time.
  • Special Deals on Hotels: When you travel with American Express, you get access to the Hotel Collection.
  • Amex Special Offers: You get access to special deals and discounts through American Express.
  • Car Rental Insurance: If you rent a car and something happens to it, the card helps cover the costs.
  • Insurance for Trip Delays: If your trip gets delayed, the card can help with certain expenses.
  • Help with Disputes: If there’s a problem, the card can assist in resolving it.
  • Customer Service for Relationships: They offer a special service to take care of your needs.

These are some of the good things that come with the card that you should keep in mind.

How to Use Amex Card Membership Rewards Points

The Amex Gold Card earns valuable American Express Membership Rewards points, favored by credit card enthusiasts. For optimal value, consider using points for travel, where transferring them to 20 airline and hotel partners can yield 2 cents or more per point, especially beneficial for premium international flights.

If simplicity is your preference, redeem points at a flat rate of 1 cent each for flights and slightly lower for other travel options through American Express Travel, bypassing award charts and blackout dates.

Amex points can also be utilized for various purposes:

  • Purchase gift cards.
  • Trade points for statement credits on card purchases.
  • Pay with points at popular retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and more.
  • Redeem points for food delivery with Grubhub and Seamless.
  • Use points for New York City taxi fare with enabled point-of-sale devices.
  • Shop for merchandise and gifts through Amex.

Earning flexible points like Membership Rewards offers versatility, allowing you to choose travel, statement credits, or various redemption options based on your preferences and plans.

How to Apply for the American Express Business Gold Card

Do you want to get the American Express Business Gold Card? If you haven’t used it before and want to apply for this card, don’t worry. I’ll give you simple steps to follow. You can finish applying in just a few minutes and know if you’re approved right away.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Open your web browser and click on this link: American Express.
  • Fill in your email address.
  • Put in details about your business.
  • Share your personal information.
  • Let them know where to send your bill.
  • Click the “Submit Application” button.

Once you click “Submit Application,” follow the instructions on your screen to finish the application. It’s that easy!

How to Activate the American Express Business Gold Card

Once your card application has been accepted, and you have received your new business card, the next step is to activate. Without activating the business card, you won’t be able to use it. Below are the easily given guidelines to activate your card:

Then, proceed with the onscreen prompt so you can complete your activation.

How to Register Card Account

Registering an American Express Business Gold Card account allows you to manage your card online and perform some other transactions. The Registration process is very quick and straightforward. Follow these steps to register your card for online transactions;

  • Go to the American Express homepage.
  • Then, enter your 15-digit card number and 4-digit card ID in their required text forms.
  • Click on the “Confirm” button.

You will have to continue with the instructions on your screen to finish your registration.

How to Login 

To log into your card account, follow these steps:

Forgotten American Express Business Gold Card User ID

In case you forgot your American Express Business Gold Card, you don’t have to worry, and you can easily recover your card details so you can log in again. Easy step to recover your forgotten user ID:

You need to follow the instructions on your screen to complete this process.

Forgotten American Express Business Gold Card Password

Simple guidelines to reset your forgotten password:

Proceed with the on-screen prompt to finish this process.


In conclusion, the American Express Business Gold Card offers small business owners a robust financial tool with benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty, and a global assist hotline. Its flexible payment options, exclusive hotel deals, and rewards program, including a substantial welcome offer, make it an attractive choice.

Despite the annual fee, the card’s perks, insurance coverage, and customer support establish it as a top-tier business credit card, suitable for those seeking optimized rewards and financial management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Amex Gold Card?

You can apply for the Amex Gold Card by visiting the American Express website, filling out the online application, and following the provided instructions.

What are the primary benefits of the Amex Gold Card?

The card offers benefits such as purchase protection, extended warranty, global assist hotline, baggage insurance plan, and various travel-related perks. It also earns Membership Rewards points.

How can I redeem Amex Membership Rewards points?

You can redeem points for travel by transferring them to 20 airline and hotel partners, achieving the highest value. Other options include redeeming for gift cards, statement credits, merchandise, and using points at select retailers.

Is there an annual fee for the Amex Gold Card?

Yes, the Amex Gold Card has an annual fee. Be sure to check the current fee on the American Express website.

Can I use Amex points for non-travel expenses?

Yes, you can use Amex points for non-travel expenses, including statement credits, gift cards, and shopping with select retailers.

What is the welcome offer for new Amex Gold Card members?

The welcome offer typically includes a certain number of Membership Rewards points after spending a specified amount on eligible purchases within the initial months of card membership. Check the current offer on the American Express website.

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