GOTV Packages – How to Change Your GOTV Packages 

GOTv is one of the top choices for many in Africa who are looking for a subscription-based cable. This is because of the different selections of GOTV packages that are available to suit different needs and budgets. Now if you want to know more about GOTV packages, read this article carefully and attentively. 

One thing you need to know about the service is that users have access to various packages at different prices. The available channel categories include entertainment, sports, children’s programming, food, religious content, and fashion. The number of channels you can watch depends on the bouquet you select. 

GOTV Packages

GOTV is the home of African television, and they are committed and devoted to delivering family entertainment to Africa. GOTV provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa. And their reliable service is one you can trust. Experience the digital revolution in everyone’s home. 

List of GOTV Packages 

Below are the packages you can subscribe to on GOTv; 

  • GOTV Supa Package: The Supa-sized GOTV experience. Crystal clear picture with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas, and more supa reasons to LOVE IT. The monthly payment for this package is ₦6,500. 
  • GOTV Max Package: You will get maximum entertainment with the GOTV Max package. Packed with local and international series, movies, telenovelas, and kids’ shows. Guaranteeing a little something for everyone to enjoy. This package costs ₦4,850 monthly, and you gain access to 75+ channels. 
  • GOTV Jolli Package: GOTV Jolli guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle. Subscribers can pay ₦3,300 monthly and have access to about 65+ channels. 
  • GOTV Jinja Package: Get GOTV Jinja with sports and great TV 24/7 on crystal clear channels. This package comes with 45+ channels, and the payment is ₦2,250 monthly. 
  • GOTV Smallie: Lite in price, big quality. GOTV Smallie is the easiest way to watch your local favourites with crystal-clear channels. Well, for this package, subscribers can pay ₦1,100 monthly, and it also has 35+ channels. 

Listed above are the GOTV Packages you need to know about. 

How to Change Your GOTV Packages 

Here is how to change your GOTV Packages: 

  • On your Web browser, type in 
  • Select your country, enter your surname or mobile, IUC/Smartcard number, and click on the “Sign In” button. 
  • Select “Build a Package” from your dashboard. 
  • Choose the package you need to upgrade or downgrade, and then tap on “Next”. 
  • Carry on further to pay by clicking on the ‘Pay’ button. 
  • Select the GOTV payment system you prefer. 
  • Proceed to fill in your details. 

Now, you will have to wait for your new package to be activated. 

Reasons for Changing GOTV Package 

There are so many reasons why you might want to change your package. One, maybe your present package may no longer meet your current needs in terms of the number and different channels you can access, and so you want to have access to more channels. On the other hand, you might want to change your GOTV Subscription because you are no longer able to afford a particular package. 


Although the cable service is growing f, and there are lots of reasons for this, GOTV is affordable as well and it is easy to install. GOTV offers many packages with each of its advantages. Well, this article has listed out GOTV packages and how to change your GOTV Packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is GOTV Cheaper Than DSTV? 

DSTV costs much more than GOTV. The satellite dish costs much more than GOTV’s UHF antenna, not forgetting installation charges. Now on that point, DSTV bouquets will cost you a pretty penny, far more than GOTV would. 

How Many channels are in the GOTV Plus Pack? 

GOTV Plus gives you the ultimate selection of local and international viewing across 57 channels so you can enjoy choice entertainment in the comfort of your home. 

How Many Channels are on GOTV Lite? 

Lite-on price, big on qualify. GOTV lite is the easiest way to watch your local favourites with 20+ crystal clear channels. 

Which GOTV shows all Premier League Matches? 

Only the GOTV Max and GOTV Supa packages offer access to the SuperSport select 2 channels, which broadcast live premier league games. You can watch live premier league matches as soon as your GOTV max or GOTV Supa decoder has a valid subscription. 

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