How To Pay for GOTV In Nigeria


Are you someone who loves to watch GOTV or uses it? Do you want to know how to pay for GOTV in Nigeria? Well, there are many ways to pay for GOTV subscriptions in Nigeria. GOTV is a popular digital TV service provider that offers lots of entertainment options like movies, news, cartoons, family shows, sports, and more.

To help customers, there are different ways to pay for your GOTV subscription in Nigeria. Here in this article, you’ll find some common ways to pay for GOTV.

How To Pay for GOTV In Nigeria

How To Pay for GOTV In Nigeria

Paying for GOTV means making a payment to continue using the service. GOTV is a digital TV service that gives subscribers access to many channels and shows. To keep enjoying these channels, users need to pay a subscription fee.

When someone talks about “Paying for GOTV,” they’re just talking about the process of paying the service provider to renew or activate their subscription. The good news is you can pay in different ways, like using online platforms, mobile apps, bank transfers, paying cash at retail shops, or using USSD codes from banks.

Once the payment goes through, your GOTV service is activated, and you can watch the channels and shows in your chosen subscription.

You usually pay for your subscription regularly, depending on the plan you choose – it could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Remember, if you don’t renew your subscription, your service might get suspended until you make the payment.

Benefits of Paying for GOTV

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by paying for GOTV;

  • Reliable signal: With GOTV, you can count on a consistent and reliable signal, ensuring uninterrupted viewing of your favorite shows and channels.
  • Access to local channels: GOTV provides access to a variety of local channels, allowing you to stay updated with news, events, and programming from your community.
  • Affordable entertainment: Enjoy a wide range of entertainment options at an affordable price with GOTV subscriptions, including movies, series, sports, and more.
  • No Internet required: Unlike some streaming services, GOTV doesn’t require an Internet connection, providing convenient access to entertainment without worrying about data usage or Internet availability.
  • Dedicated customer support: GOTV offers customer support services to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or assistance you may need, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.
  • No monthly data costs: Since GOTV doesn’t rely on internet connectivity, you won’t incur additional monthly data costs, making it a cost-effective option for entertainment.

These benefits make paying for GOTV a worthwhile investment in quality entertainment and reliable service.

Ways to Pay for Your GOTV in Nigeria

Here are different ways and methods to pay for your GOTV in Nigeria:

How to Pay for Your GOTV Using Quicktellers

Simple steps to pay for your GOTV with Quicktellers:

  1. Visit the Quickteller website
  2. Choose “Pay Bills” then “Cable TV Bills”.
  3. Select “GOTV”.
  4. Fill in the form with the correct details.
  5. Enter your email or mobile number.
  6. Decoder Number (IUC).
  7. Choose an Option.
  8. Click the “Continue” button.

Then, follow the instructions on your screen to finish the process.

GOTV Online Payment Method

Easy steps to pay for your GOTV online;

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Enter your IUC number in the required field.
  3. Select your country.
  4. Enter the captcha text correctly.
  5. Click the “Verify” button.

Ensure you enter the details correctly, then click verify to confirm you’re paying for the right account.

How to Make Your Payment using the GOTV Mobile App

Simple steps to pay for your GOTV using their mobile app:

  1. Download the GOTV mobile app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.
  2. Log in to your account on the app.
  3. Choose “Pay,” and enter your smartcard number.

Then, follow the instructions provided to complete the payment.

Other ways to make your GOTV payment in Nigeria

Here are some other methods to consider for easy payment of your GOTV in Nigeria:

  • Bank Mobile Apps and USSD: Many Nigerian banks offer the option to pay for GOTV subscriptions through their mobile banking apps or USSD codes. You can use your bank’s app or dial the USSD code provided by your bank to make the payment.
  • ATM: Some ATMs allow you to make GOTV payments directly using your debit card. Check with your bank to see if this service is available.
  • Retail Outlets and dealers.
  • Internet Banking.

These are important methods to pay for GOTV in Nigeria.


Understanding the various payment methods for GOTV in Nigeria opens up a world of entertainment possibilities. But amidst the options available, have you discovered the most convenient way for you? How will you choose to pay for GOTV in Nigeria? Let us hear your answers in the comment section below. Also, please help us share this article across your social media platforms with your friends. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Renew my GOTV subscription Online?

To make an online payment for your GOTV subscription using Paga e-pay, Visit, and then log into your account. You will be presented with a list of online payment methods that are available in your country.

How do I Recharge my GOTV on my Phone?

Steps to recharge GOTV with your phone using the first bank code:

  • First, copy out your IUC number correctly.
  • Open your phone dialer and dial the code and the number of IUC numbers.
  • Once you have confirmed that all details are correct. Then, press “Send”, and you are done.

How do I Use USSD Code to Subscribe to GOTV?

You can also use this GOTV subscription code on the same mobile number you registered your first bank account with if you want to use airtime.

Can I Charge my GOTV Subscription?

Select “Build a Package” from your dashboard. Click the package you need to downgrade or upgrade and then click on “next”. Select your preferred GOTV payment system.

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