How To Get Your Product To The Top Of Amazon

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As a business or brand, of course, you’d want your products on the top of Amazon search results. And that is very possible, with the right tactics and strategies, you will be able to get your products to the top of Amazon. Keep reading to learn how to get your product to the top of Amazon. In this article, we will be providing you with tips to help reach more sales and improve your product rank on Amazon.

Amazon is no doubt one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. More and more people are turning to the marketplace to sell their products, adding more products to Amazon’s search results. With more products there, your products could be potentially pushed down the ranking list. However, you don’t have to worry much. You can still do something to get your product to the top of Amazon search results.

How To Get Your Product To The Top Of Amazon

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is a great way to increase sales because more potential customers will find your products while searching. It is important to understand how the search algorithm works on Amazon and use the right tactics to tackle them. With that said, let’s look at how you can make your products rank on Amazon search to get more sales and leads.

How Do I Get My Amazon Listing At The Top Of The Page?

Below are some tips to use if you wish to get your product to the top of Amazon search and get more sales and leads;

Sell Quality Products

Many sellers on Amazon are selling low-quality products to customers globally, it might go unsaid, but it is important to list quality products. It is important that your products give customers real value for the money spent. For instance; if you go to a shop to make a bag purchase for a high sum and later find out it is fake, will you still go there to make a purchase? No, right? Now, keep that instance to your products.

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Optimize Your Product Listings

Optimizing your listing is a constant method that helps to improve and increase your rankings. It is important to optimize your product listings for Amazon SEO as well as for your customers. Ensure to follow Amazon guidelines when adding product images and videos. Use relevant keywords in the title including its benefits and variations.

Get Customer Reviews

The majority of buyers on Amazon wouldn’t purchase your product if you have no reviews. To rank on Amazon, you need to earn customer reviews. Customer satisfaction is important and Amazon cares about what people are saying about your products. Having products with positive reviews will help you rank because they are likely to end in conversion.

Make sure to ask customers to leave a review about your product when they make a purchase. Encourage them to transparent and honest as possible. Take time to respond to both negative and positive reviews on your products.


Perform A/B testing and track the metrics of items listed to see the ones that convert well. Do well to update your listings, prices, and EBC as often as possible.

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Price Competitively

One major factor that determines your success as a seller on Amazon is your pricing. You need to offer competitive pricing to your customers. Make a research on how your competitors are selling that particular product and reprice your products.

List Products In The Right Categories

Getting the right category can be quite hard, but it is important to list your products in the right category. Do thorough research while listing a product to figure out the category fitting for an item. If you fail to list your product in the right category, product visibility will be poor, thereby causing low rankings. By listing your products in the right category, potential customers can easily find them.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to listing your product on Amazon. Avoid using commas in your keywords. You can use great tools like AdWords and Moz to get the perfect keyword for your product listing.


By using FBA (Allowed By Amazon), you are enabling your customers to purchase directly from Amazon warehouses, therefore they will fall under Amazon Prime Category. Prime products are always listed at the top of the search pages.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is one of the less things done by sellers, however, it is very effective. Though, it is not guaranteed that your product will be listed at the top, but, it is a great way to state the solutions that your listing can help out with. When storytelling on Amazon, you can use case studies.

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To get your product at the top of Amazon, you need to strategize and use the relevant tips. Furthermore, providing relevant information about your product can increase visibility and sales. Above are some of the tips and tactics to use to get your product to the top of Amazon. We hope you find the guidelines in this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to your frequently asked questions regarding how to sell on Amazon;

What is Amazon algorithm?

Amazon’s algorithm determines product ranking by analyzing listings, matching them with shoppers’ search requests, and then placing the most relevant on the first page of the results.

What is a good selling rank on Amazon?

Selling rank depends on product category and subcategory. A sales rank between 1 and 50 is considered good enough because it places your products on the first page.

How do Amazon rankings work?

Amazon rankings are updated hourly, however, it may take 24 to 48 hours to appear. Rankings on the marketplace reflect the recent and historical activity.

What are the four principles of Amazon?

Amazon is guided by four principles; they are; customer obsession instead of competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking.

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